Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 12 Must Eats Thai Street Foods

Some of my friends travel to drink in one’s culture; others want to see places they have never seen before. One of the main reasons why I travel is to eat, particularly on the street. I think street food is where you can have an authentic experience of one’s culture. The best foods that I have ever tasted in Thailand where eaten standing up in the side streets of Bangkok. There’s a Filipino saying which states that “ Mas Madumi, mas masarap” or in English ” If it’s dirtier the more delicious it will be”.  Don’t be afraid of trying something new because  a taste of it, may change your view in life forever.

I will suggest to you my Top 12 must eat Thai Street Food. I suggest that you should not leave Thailand without eating the my top 12 suggestions. Thai Street food is sold just about everywhere. I suggest that you explore the different side streets this is where you can find the best that Thailand has to offer.

1.       Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Tea
Price: 20 Baht  (USD 60 Cents)

2.       Phat Thai ( Pad Thai)
Shrimp Pad Thai
Price: 30 Baht (USD 90 Cents)

3.       Khao Pad (Fried Rice)

Price: 20 Baht (USD 60 Cents)

4.       Fresh Fruits  served with spices of your choice

Price: 10 Baht (USD 30 cents)

5.       Chicken Sa Thai or Thai Barbecue 

Price: 10 Baht per stick (USD 30 cents)

6.       Banana Nutella Crepe

Price: 50 Baht (US $ 1.52)

7.       Coconut Icecream

Price: 40 Baht (US $1.2)

8.        Som Tam ( Green Papaya Salad)

Price: 30 Baht or (US $1)

9.       Mango with Sticky Rice

Price: 25 Baht (US 75 Cents)

10.   Thai Beer  (Singha)

Price: 90 Baht  (US $2.74)

11. Thai Insects 

If you’re like Andrew Zimmern or the type of person who wants an adventure in their taste buds you may also try these fried insects  which are located in the side streets of Bangkok.
Price: 10 Baht per Stick ( US 30 Cents)

12. Kuaytiaw or Thai Noodle Soup

Price: 15 Baht (US 45 Cents) 

with my best friend at Khao San Road 

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
*Prices are in Thai Baht

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Antibes: My favorite town in the South of France

Marche Provencal 
Walking Trail

Plage La Group
Picasso Museum

Antibes is my favourite town in the French Riviera. Ever since I watched the movie The Killer’s I have dreamt of going to this place. I have researched that they have shot so many scenes in this movie in this small town. I was so happy when I saw several scenes in the beautiful town of Antibes.  You will also find the billionaire’s quay where you will see so many yachts parked here. The Picasso Museum (Chateau Grimaldi).  My advice for you is to do a walking tour of the narrow streets of the old town. Antibes is a very small town you can tour it for a  day. I suggest that you start your tour by shopping at the Marche Provencal. This is where you can find lot of good deals such as cheeses, spices, macaroons, fresh fruits, wines and dried meat. Then you can go to the church and make a wish since it is your first time to go to their church. After that you can visit the Picasso Museum, then have lunch at Le Romantic where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes.  You can burn all you ate by walking at  Plage de La group where you can enjoy a scenic beach. Finish your day by swimming at Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc where admission is only 75 Euros which includes swimming at their pool and usage of pool side mattress. Antibes is one of the most beautiful and historical place in the Coast of the French Riviera. I think that it is a must see town when you go here. You will enjoy your stay here and it’s truly worth the money.
Authentic French Macaroon at the Market 
at the Billionaire's Quay 

Must See Sights:

Picasso Museum  at Chateau Grimaldi- This is the original castle of Grimaldi Family. This is a must see when you go to Antibes since you will find so many paintings, drawings and engravings  of the great artist Pablo Picasso.
Marche Provencal- You can shop here every morning which is located in the centre of Antibes at Cours Massena. You can shop so many things such as cheeses, spices, fresh fruits, flowers, wines and dried meat.
La Garoupe Lighthouse- This is a must see since it is one of the most powerful lighthouse in the Mediterranean Coast.

Plage de La Group-You must walk here since there is walking trail available here where you can see a scenic beach. 
Hotel du Cap Eden Roc- Swim at their magnificent infinity pool. This hotel is where hollywood celebrities usually stay during the Cannes Film Festival. Outsiders are allowed. You only have to pay 75Euros for entrance and pool usage. 

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I will never get tired of going to Baguio

Out of all of the  provinces I have ever been to in the Philippines, Baguio will still be my number one pick. I never get tired of going to Baguio. Even if you think Baguio is overrated, I can even  go here 5x a year even though it will take you 4 to 8 hours going here.I will still go here since it’s truly the summer capital of the Philippines. I can give you so many reasons why to go here.



Things to Do in Baguio
1 Chill and enjoy the cold weather

2 Stay at Baguio Country Club

3 Food Tripping

4 Visit “Touristy Places” such as Burnham Park, Bontanical Garden, Mansion House  

5 Do Touristy Things such as Horseback Riding at Wright Park  
6 Pick some fruits and vegetables at the Strawberry Farm

7 Visit the BenCab Museum

8 If you are up for an adventure you can try ghost hunting

9 Shop for Pasalubong at Good Shepherd, Mines View and Baguio Wet Market


.    The weather is cold, not aircon type of cold but the type of cold natural weather.
2.     The food here is also delicious and quite affordable.
3.    There are so many tourist attractions to visit here.
4.    There’s always a new surprise every time I visit here.
5.    The people here are very hospitable and friendly.

   It’s the only destination where just want to sit in my nice hotel and stay there not even go outside of the Hotel.
I will never get tired of Baguio because I keep on finding new things to do in this windy city. 

Baguio Travel Tips:

Where to Stay in Baguio?
For Budget Traveler’s:  Baguio Vacation Apartments (P2,500/day) good for 4 to 6 persons
For Middle Class: Stay at Forest Lodge in Camp John Hay ( P2900/night)  good for 2 persons              
For Upper Class : Stay at Baguio Country Club ( P5,400/Night) ; The Manor ( P5,900/night ); Azalea Residences ( P6,200/ night)

Where to Eat in Baguio?

Hamada Restaurant – Enjoy an authentic Japanese meal cooked in front of you. This restaurant is located at Baguio Country Club.  It will only cost you P800 per person                                                           
Raisin Bread- Enjoy the mouthwatering pastries at Raisin Bread which is located at Baguio Country Club. It will only cost you P200 per person.                                                                                                        
Le Chef- Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet with a nice view of the Pines trees. This restaurant is located at the Manor. It will only cost you 500 per person.  Try their hot chocolate, it’s the best.                        
50’s Diner- Try having an authentic and affordable American Meal at the 50’s Diner which is located at Brent Road, Baguio City. It will only cost you P150 per person.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Top 10 Philippine Backpacking Destinations Under a ₱5,500 Budget


Whenever I go to Domestic Destinations here in the Philippines, I’d like to go to as many places as possible so that I can maximize my time wisely and discover  as many provinces in a few days. I’m just a regular employee so I don’t have much leaves that’s why I usually book trips that can be good for the weekend. I usually book my trips from Friday to Sunday. 
      I’m a fan of independent travel. I usually plan my own trips, book my own flights, hotel accommodations and decide on where to go. I really like to plan my travels and I usually plan trips with my close friends. I usually don’t purchase travel packages at travel agencies, or in Deal Sites. I believe that you can find good deals on your own and it’s also cheaper. The good thing about independent travel is that you get to decide where to go and have your own time in where you want to go. Unlike in package tours which are all in schedule and you might get even scammed in areas which are “tourist friendly”.  
      If you think travelling in our country is expensive, well think again. I can suggest to you my Top 10 Philippine Backpacking Routes where you can only spend under a P5, 500 budget.  This includes everything, from  your airfare (promo fare), accommodation, food, transportation, do it yourself tours and “pasalubongs”. You will not only just go to one province under this budget but you can go to at least 2 to 3 destinations in just one weekend Trip. 

*Prices of the Budget Tours were based on my own Travel Experiences over the past few years.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
*Prices are in Philippine Pesos

1.     Dumaguete+ Siquijor

3 Day/2 Nights Dumaguete + Siquijor  Budget per Person

Roundtrip Airplane ticket Manila to Dumaguete (Promo Fare)
Transportation In Dumaguete
Accommodation in Dumaguete (P1600/ 4)
Food in Dumaguete
Round Trip Ferry Boat Ride From Dumaguete to Siquijor
 Accommodation @ Coco Grove Beach Resort (P4100/4)
Late Dinner at Coco Grove Beach Resort
Tricycle Rent for 2 Days (P1500/4) with tour guide
Pasalubong at Sans Rival
Airport Terminal Fee
Total Cost with Airfare, Accommodation, Tour,  Presents

2.     Bacolod  + Iloilo + Guimaras

3 Days / 2 Nights  Bacolod + Iloilo + Guimaras Budget
Roundtrip Airfare Manila to Bacolod ( Seat Sale)
L Fisher Hotel  P1,500 Divided by 3
 Zekamps Hotel Guimaras (P 1,500 /3)
Roundtrip Boat ride from Bacolod to Iloilo
Roundtrip Boat ride from Iloilo to Guimaras
Other Commuting Expenses
Roundtrip Airport Terminal Fee
Entrance Fee at The Ruins
Entrance Fee at the Beach
 Total Cost

3.     Sagada+ Banaue

4 Days / 3 Nights Sagada + Banaue Budget

Roundtrip Aircon Van Transportation ( Gas+ Toll + Expert Driver with Tour Gude) ( 23,000/10)
Hotel Accommodation 200 per person per night
Grocery (Snacks + Drinks)
Entrance Fee and Guide on Tourist Spots
Total Cost

4.     Cagayan De Oro + Camiguin

3 Days/ 2 Nights Cagayan De Oro +  Camiguin Budget
Roundtrip Airfare ( Promo Fare) Manila to Cagayan De Oro
Hotel Accommodation  in Cagayan De Oro 1000/ 3
White Water Rafting in Cagayan De Oro
Food In Cagayan De Oro
Transportation in Cagayan De Oro
Roundtrip Boat Ride  Cagayan De Oro to Camiguin
Hotel Accommodation in Camiguin  (1200/3)
Food In Camiguin
Transportation in Camiguin
Total Cost

5.      CamSur + Albay

3 Days/ 2 Nights Camarines Sur + Legazpi, Albay  Budget

Roundtrip Airfare  Manila to Naga (Promo Fare)
Roundtrip Terminal Fee
Food and Drinks
Accommodation 2 Nights (P3000/3)
Wakeboarding  (1 hour)
Lago Del Rey   (1 hour)
Entrance Fee at Cagsawa Ruins
Zipline at Lignon Hill
Go-Kart Racing at Embarcadero De Legazpi (2 rounds)
Pasalubong Shopping
Total Cost
Travel Tips: Cheaper to Drive From Manila to Naga  and just chip in for gas
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6.     Sierra Madre + Real, Quezon

Day Trip Sierra Madre Mountain and Real, Quezon  Budget
Transportation  RT Gas (3000/8pax)
Entrance Fee
Food   (3 meals )
Open Hut Rental  (400/8pax )
Total Cost

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Tips: Cheaper if you Drive by yourself to Sierra Madre  and Chip- in for Gas.

7.     Nasugbu  + Tagaytay  

2 Days/ 1 Night Hamilo Coast + Tagaytay
Transportation Rountrip Gas + Toll Fee (3500/6)
Condo for Rent in Hamilo Coast ( Overnight Stay) (5000/6)
Guest Fee (Lean Season)
Groceries (Chips & Drinks)
Total Cost

Travel Tips: On your way to Nasugbu, Batangas, pass by the new Cavitex Road, stay at Hamilo Coast for overnight. Go to the other side and pass by tagaytay and have dinner and desserts  in the famous restaurants in Tagaytay City.

8.     Cebu + Bohol

3 Days / 2 Nights Cebu + Bohol Budget
One-way Airfare Manila to Cebu ( Promo Fare)
Transportation In Cebu
Hotel Accommodation in  Cebu (P2000/ 4)
Food in Cebu
Touring Around Cebu
Ferry Boat Cebu to Bohol
Hotel Accommodation in Bohol (P1600/4)
Food in Bohol
Transportation in Bohol
Touring Around Bohol
One-way Airfare Tagbilaran to Manila ( Promo Fare)
Total Cost with Airfare, Accommodation, Tour,  Presents

9.     Anawangin + Capones

Anawangin-Capones Day Trip Budget per Head
One way Bus ride from Manila to Iba, Zambales via Victory Liner
Van ride to Pundaquit
 Roundtrip Boat ride to Anawangin – Capones
Food/ Drinks (Andok’s Chicken + Grocery Goods + Rice + Dinner in Subic + Softdrinks + Alcoholic Beverages)
Tricycle ride to the town Center
Bus ride from the Town Center to Iba, Zambales
Bus Ride from Iba, Zambales to Manila

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Tips: Cheaper if you Drive by yourself to Zambales and Chip- in for Gas.

10.  Baguio + Bolinao + Dagupan

 Bolinao + Dagupan + Baguio in 2 Days/ 1 Night  Tour Cost
Regular Bus Ride Cubao to Dagupan
Enchanted Cave Entrance Fee
P 90
Beach Resort Cottage Use, Parking and Bathroom Fee (300 +100+70)/7
P 68
Ordinary Bus Ride Dagupan to Baguio
Taxi Ride in Baguio (4 trips) 400/7
P 60
Accommodation  ( Homestay)
Regular Bus ride Baguio to Cubao
Total Cost

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Tips: Cheaper if you Drive by yourself to Pangasinan and Chip- in for Gas.

Additional Tour:
11. Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar+ Anvaya Cove + Anawangin
4 Days 3 Night Bataan-Zambales Itinerary and Cost  per person
Day 1
Roundtrip Manila to Subic Gas and Toll (P4000/10pax)
Hotel (P8,000 per Day x 3 Days / 10 pax)
P     400
Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar Entrance Fee and Food
Day 2
Anawangin- Capones-Nagsasa Island Hopping  and Food Expense
Day 3
Anvaya Cove  Guest Fee is P 400 with use of Pool Amenities and 250 Consumable of Food and Drinks
Day 4
Shopping and Food Trip
TOTAL Expense
 P 5,600

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Travel Tips
-          Finalize your itinerary, travel companions and budget ASAP.
-          Flights and accommodations are cheaper when you book them in advanced.
-          Check regularly promos (Piso Fare, Zero Fare, 10 Php Fare, 100Php Fare) and discounts of airline websites.
-          When you see a low-priced airfare, book it immediately. #booklangngbook
-          Book your friends immediately, they will have no choice but to come with you since they already have a ticket. (Joke)
-          Research on Hotels which are affordable and which is also located at the city centre
-          Buy guidebooks, and read travel blogs to look for the must-see places especially when travelling abroad.
-          Research as many websites as possible, when looking for destinations that suit you.
-          In order to save money, do walking tour of the city, you can also burn calories as well.
-           If you have a relative or a friend who lives there, ask if you can stay at their home.
-          To save more, I advise to travel in a group of 3 in order to divide your expenses.
-          You might save more money if you drive up to a place and chip in for gas
-          When you get to the place, ask for a free map at the airport in order to not get lost.
-          When booking flights, do not purchase a seat selector anymore, hot meals or even a 15 Kilo luggage. Remember that you’re only travelling for a few days.
-          Travel Light!

Note: Suggested Tours are advisable for backpackers & adventures seekers ages 16 to 45 Yrs.