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Hi! I’m Raisa Rejano a life enthusiast, dreamer, wanderer, adventure seeker, adrenaline junkie, backpacker, trying hard writer, wanna-be photographer, spontaneous freak, and a seat sale Addict, who loves to travel on a budget. I have been travelling in the Philippines, Asia, North America  and Europe since 2005. One of my favorite sayings is “Book Lang ng Book” or in layman’s term go Book a trip like there is no tomorrow. I'm just saying that LIFE is SHORT and you only live once, so why not say YES to the most questions in life has to offer, so that you can experience LIVING LIFE to your FULLEST potential.  You get to maximize your opportunities, gain new experiences, travel the world, make new connections, understand one’s culture, discover a new cuisine, and make mistakes along the way and learning from it.  

About Book Lang Ng Book

BookLangNgBook is my personal travel Blog where I share my stories, misadventures, travel tips, ideal itineraries, and costing of my travel. With Booklangngbook.blogspot.com, I hope to share to you my love and passion for travelling. I also want to inspire you that travelling can be for everyone. You just have to say YES and make it a priority

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