Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Ultimate Bataan-Zambales Tour


The perfect way to explore central Luzon is by doing this ultimate tour.
Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar


Anvaya Cove

Ribs at Extremely Expresso

The perfect way to explore central Luzon is by doing this ultimate tour.
Your first day, will make you love   the history of the Philipines. La Casas Filipinas Acuzar is a resort with a mix of cultural heritage, fun and relaxation. If you want to learn more about the Philippines’ History, see a nice view and just relax then this places will be perfect for you. You can choose to do a day trip which cost 700 php or an overnight trip at this resort. 

Your second day, will make you love the natural beauty of the Philippines. Anawangin-Capones –Nagsasa Tour will  make you  be one with nature.  You may opt to choose to hike and camp out or do an island hopping tour. There is no electricity in these islands so you will get out of your comfort zone and get into the wild. These places are more beautiful when you see them in front of you. 

Your third day, will just make you feel relaxed and happy. Anvaya Cove is a private beach club owned by Ayala Land. You will just enjoy the private amenities of their beach and pool. If you want to stay out of the tourists, this may be the perfect place for you since you will just the beauty of their beach and infinity pool.

Your Last Day will be shopping in Subic Bay Freeport zone. Filipinos love to buy discounted American groceries which they can give as pasalubong to their families. You can also enjoy eating and drinking by the Subic Bay. 

This trip is perfect for touring balikbayans and also foreigners. It has a mixture of Philippine cultural heritage, Philippines’ untouched natural resources, fun, relation, family bonding and lastly shopping. This is quite a good itinerary since it’s just a 2.5 hour drive from Manila with the help of the newly built SCTEX your trip can be a lot faster. 

This tour is perfect for family reunions.
Stay in Subic for the 4 days so that it would not be a hassle to change hotels.
Save more money if you travel in a group of 10.
Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the trip

For Detailed Itineraries and Costing of these suggested destinations, you can view my other Blog Posts: 

4 Days 3 Night Bataan-Zambales Itinerary and Cost  per person

Day 1

Roundtrip Manila to Subic Gas and Toll (P4000/10pax)
Hotel (P8,000 per Day x 3 Days / 10 pax)
P     400
Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar Entrance Fee and Food
Day 2

Anawangin- Capones-Nagsasa Island Hopping  and Food Expense
Day 3

Anvaya Cove  Guest Fee is P 400 with use of Pool Amenities and 250 Consumable of Food and Drinks
Day 4

Shopping and Food Trip
TOTAL Expense
 P 5,600

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan Thailand for less than 20,000 Php

Full Moon Party 2014

Road to the Full Moon Party

I have been dreaming of going to the infamous Full Moon Party, ever since my brother told me about this 10 years ago. He told me that it was the greatest party he has ever been to and after that you will have a different perception of partying. After hearing his story and reading reviews  from other travelers, I have decided to go to this party last July 2014. I must admit that it was….

I planned this trip for almost a year and I decided to invite my closest friends to this party. I suggest that you go on groups of 3 people so that you can also meet new people. If you are too many in a group, you will not be able to meet new friends since you will just stay in the comfort zone of your friends. A group of 3 pax is awesome because you will get to divide the cost of everything in 3 you will have more fun with it.My only regret was that we should have stayed longer like 10 days because 5 days was very exhausting and  it was like we did not sleep for the entire whole trip. 

The full moon party started in the 1980’s with a group of backpackers who celebrated a one big massive birthday during a Full Moon. When the group had fun they decided to go to KohPhangan every year during the Full moon and the word spread out. Now it has become a commercialized world party. This massive party happens every month during the Full Moon which can be associated with 10,000 to 40,000 ravers all partying in the HaadRin Beach. 

Despite all the negative reviews, the Full Moon Party was awesome. The Full Moon Party was one of the greatest party I have ever been to. Sure it’s a bunch of foreigners partying hard on HaadRin Beach, but it was truly one hell of a party and  definitely should be experienced. People of all ages and who listen to all types of music can enjoy it, just walk around the beach and find the bar with the music you like. There are so many things to do like meeting a lot of new people from different parts of the world , body paint, and dancing and just having a great time. It was everything I had heard about and I had a great time living it.  The Full Moon Party is pretty wild, and  I suggest that you must do at least once in your lifetime. 

How to Get to KohPhangan 

1.       From Bangkok
Most Comfortable Way
-The easiest but the most expensive way  to get to KohPhangan, is by booking  a direct flight from Bangkok to KohSamui via Bangkok Airways or Thai Airlines. Then take a  speed boat from KohSamui Island to KohPhangan
Another Convenient Way
Another way is to book a flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani via Nok Air, Air Asia or Thai Lion Air. From Surat Thai, you can ride a VAN or Bus to the pier. And then take a 3 hour boat ride to the Island of KohPhangan . This is a cheaper way to go to KohPhangan.
A Longer trip
By Bus
Take bus from Khao San Road to KohPhangan.  The trip will  usually take you 12 hours. Buses usually leave at night. You don’t have to book in advance. There are a lot of buses available in the city.
By Train
Take a Train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. From there you will have to take a boat to KohPhangan. Book a train 1 week prior to travel time. . The travel time will usually take you a whole day.
2.       From Phuket
Most Comfortable Way
Take an airplane from Phuket to KohSamui, via Bangkok Airways and then take a speed boat to KohPhangan.
Another Convenient Way
Take a bus or a van ride from Phuket to Surat Thani, then take a 3 hour boat ride to KohPhangan. The Bus or Van ride will take you 3 to 4 hours. You don’t have to book in advance or book online. There are a lot of vans available you can book it on the spot. 

Tips on Surving the Full Moon Party
1.       Have a buddy system and  also turn strangers into friends. Just don’t go  solo all night.
2.       Stay on the island of KohPhangan during the night of the Jungle Party and Full Moon Party  but I must warn you that rates of hotels and hostels triple their prices during full moon weekend.
3.       Don’t drink from the  random ice buckets of strangers because it might be drugged.
4.       Come earlier to the Full Moon Party and the Jungle Party so you don’t have to pay for the entrance fee.
5.       Stay at least 5 to 14 days and explore the islands of KohSamui, Koh Tao and KohPhangan.
6.       Stay away from the jump rope.
7.       Buy your own paint and your own drinks to cut cost.
8.       Do not go barefoot.
9.       Leave valuables at the hotel. Just keep a photocopy of your passport in your pocket
10.   Save some change for the bathroom
11.   Hydrate before and after the event
12.   Don’t do drugs because it’s illegal in Thailand. There are a lot of undercover police who will charge you a $1000 Fine if you get caught with it

5 Days/ 4 Nights Full Moon Itinerary with Detailed Costing in Philippines Pesos and US Dollars

Day 1

Depart Manila Via Cebu Pacific Airlines

Manila to Phuket Roundtrip ( Promo Fare)

Travel Tax

Terminal Fee
Arrive Phuket  (Take a Taxi from Airport to Hotel  200 THB)
Check in Hotel  (1200 THB/ 3 Pax)
Day 2

Check out from the hotel and go to the Phuket Bus Terminal .       Take taxi from Hotel to the terminal           (700 THB/ 3 Pax)
Arrive Phuket Bus terminal                          

Depart Phuket Bus terminal                                                                         Roundtrip Van Ride from Phuket to Surat Thani 400 THB
Arrive Surat Thani

Depart Surat Thani

Arrive Surat Thani Main Pier

Depart Surat Thani Main Pier

Arrive Koh Phangan
Round trip Boat Ride to Surat Thani to Koh Phangan 300 THB
Check in at the Hotel 1500 THB X 2 Nights / 3 Pax                                  
Dinner  100 THB
Jungle Party Entrance Fee 400 THB
Day 3

Full Moon Party  Entrance Fee 100 THB
Day 4

Depart From Hotel to Thong Sala Pier  Taxi 200 THB (RoundTrip)
Depart from Thong Sala . Take a Ferry Ride

Arrive Surat Thani Main Pier

Depart Surat Thani Main Pier

Arrive Surat Thani Town Proper

Lunch 100 THB
Depart Surat Thani Town Proper

Arrive Phuket

Dinner 100 THB
Buy Pasalubong 400 THB
Depart Phuket

Day 5

Arrive Manila

Miscellaneous Expense 1000 THB

Total Expenses