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Real, Quezon Day Trip

My Cousin Biked 60 Km from Tanay, Rizal to Real Quezon  

Tignoan River


Scenic Road of Marikina-Infanta 

Sand Castle

Tignoan River leading to Real,  Beach 

Surf Boards and Skim Boards For Rent

Beach House and Basketball Court

Grilled Burgers and Sausages 
Grilled Lobsters
Grilled Prawns

Shrimps for Merienda

Grilled Hotdogs

Balabag Falls 

Are you looking for unspoiled and breathtaking scenery within a few hours reach of Manila?  
Then the Sierra Madre Road or Marilaque Highway (Markina Rizal Laguna Quezon)  from to 
Real, Quezon will be a great destination for you.

 The Marikina-Infanta Highway is a scenic route ideal for mountain bikers, runners,  avid tourists and motor bikers.  You will really enjoy the breathtaking view of mountain ranges and the cold weather of Sierra Madre. It has the same weather like the one in Baguio. The long stretches of mountain ranges and virgin forest is awesome.  This place is not commercialized with any residential subdivisions and posters and yet it is only a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila. 

A good place to stay at Real, Quezon is Pacific Park Recreation Kamp. The Recreation Kamp contains picnic huts in a spacious, green grass land right beside the sea. It is a perfect place where you can cook your own food, and enjoy spending time with the people you love and it is just located in front of the Surfing Zone of Real, Quezon. The beach here is not that nice since the sand is dark brown and it is quite rocky. But you can catch a few waves during summer for a very affordable price. If the waves are too small you can also try the new sport paddle boarding. You can also do skim boarding at the beach.  There is 1 beach house for rent at the resort if you want to sleep here. You can also rent a tent from the resort or bring one if you have. I advise you to just take a day trip for convenience purposes since their rest rooms are not that nice. 

An added feature to your day trip is going to  Balabag Falls. It is only a five minute walk through 

the forest. The waterfalls can be perfect for a refreshing dip before heading for a long drive 

home. If you want to experience some adrenaline rush, you may want to climb the waterfalls and 

jump off.

After enjoying the mountain and sea views  and  experiences you surely would say Real Quezon 

is the best destination within just a few  hours from the hustle and bustle of Manila

Travel Tips:
-If you are just taking a day trip I would advise you to leave Manila at 5am so that you can arrive at Real, Quezon 9am. Enjoy the summer vibe and leave the area at around 4:30pm. For safety purposes at night, take the different route to the other side of Real, Quezon, since there are many “NPA’s” roaming around the mountain.
-Don't sleep while you’re on the road of Marikina-Infanta Highway, so that you will enjoy the breathtaking view of Sierra Madre Mountain. 
-Bring at least P1,000 for transportation and food for Day trip and P1500 for an Overnight Stay
-The Best time to go here is from March to May (summer months).
-Bring your own towel and toiletries.
-Buy your other groceries in Manila like drinks, ice and other condiments.
-Buy seafood at the Real, Market and just cook it at the resort.
-Relax, Spend time with your family and friends and Enjoy the relaxing view of Real, Quezon

How to get to Real, Quezon?
From Marcos Highway , go straight to Cogeo, then to Marikina Infanta Highway and then go to Real, Quezon. After a tiring day of surfing, take a different route and pass by the national highway going to Manila East Road going straight to Ortigas.

Travel Expenses for a Day Trip at Real, Quezon

Transportation  RT Gas (3000/8pax)
Entrance Fee
Food   (3 meals )
Open Hut Rental  (400/8pax )
Total Cost

Estimated Budget:
Day Tour: P1000 per person
Overnight Stay : P1500 per person 

 Transportation to Real, Quezon via Commute:
Raymond Transit
Contact Number- +632 4926994 ; +632 7339380
Ordinary Bus Fare One Way: P158
Air-Conditioned Bus Fare One way: P195

The Park Pacific Recreation Kamp
Address: Km 115, Brgy, Tignoan, Real, Quezon
Contact Person: Teody Villaflor
Contact Number: +639209246102
Pacific Resort Facilities Include the ff:
Salt and fresh water swimming Areas
Open Area fro Recreation Activities
Basketball Court, Speedminton, Lawn Bowling, Volleyball
Surf, Stand-up Paddle Boards
White Water Rafting, Nature Trail
Bonfire Pit and Cooking Areas

Rates @ Park Pacific Recreation Kamp

Entrance Fee
Open Huts


     Tent Pitching Impact Fee (Per Tent )

     Tent Rental (2 to 3 Pax dome tent)

     Tent Rental (Full Fly sheet dome tent)

Beach House

     Porch with Sink and Toilet

     Whole House excluding air-con (4pax)

     Whole House including air-con (5pax)

     Extra Bed (single)

     Extra Bed (twin)

*Rates are in Philippine Peso 

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