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Sagada: It's like you're in heaven

Spelunking at Sumaging Cave

Kiltepan Peak
Echo Valley
Calvary Mountain

Sumaging Cave

Hanging Coffins

 Tourist Map of Sagada

Out of the 35 provinces I have been to here in the Philippines, Sagada is my top 1 pick. It is truly a majestic place where you feel like you’re in heaven. The scenery is very nice and very peaceful. It is an untouched paradise. 

If you are an adventurous person this will be the perfect place for you since most of the tourist spots here in Sagada requires you to do trekking. Even though it took us 14 hours from Manila to Sagada, it is truly worth it. There are so many things to do in Sagada like Trekking, Mountain Biking, Spelunking, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing, Camping, and River Rafting. There are so many places to see like Kiltepan Peak, Sumaging Cave, Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins. The people here in Sagada are very nice. 

The thing that you got to love about Sagada is that it is not commercialized. The only people who can do business here are the native so there are no hotels to stay here but there are many inns and hostels. The inns here in Sagadaarelook like a normal house which will provide you simple room with water heater and free breakfast. Rooms in Sagada cost from P200 to P500 per room per night.

I recommend that the perfect itinerary for your Sagada Trip would be Banaue- Bontoc – Sagada- Mt. Data – Baguio- Manila. The trip from Manila to Sagada will take you up to 12 to 14 hours. 

I also recommend that you rent a van rather than commuting because it is very tiring. Van rental from Manila to Sagada will cost you about P 23,000 which includes toll fees, driver, and gas. But if you’re up for the adventure of commuting in the Philippines then do it but I must warn you that it's quite dangerous to commute especially if you ride up in the Jeep you might fall down.

Sigrid's Bed and Breakfast 

Log Cabin Sagada

Commuting in Sagada

SAGADA Accommodations with Contact Number 
Alapo’s 0921 3279055 
Ganduyan 0918 5883535
Sagada Homestay 091 97028380 w/ wifi
Sagada Guesthouse 0921 9694043
Saint Joseph 0918 5595934
Sigrid’s Bed & Breakfast 0921 7628710; 0928 3327817
A-7 House 0921 2876093 
Billy’s House 0921 6032745
Churya 0906 4300853
Mapiyaw Pension 0905 2164055
Rocky Valley Inn 0918 4036018
Rock Inn 0920 4119976
Yabami Lodge 0920 4119976
Traveller’s Inn 09207992960 
George Guesthouse 0918 5480406 w/ wifi 
Igorot Inn 09087578357
Kanipaw Pines View 09282897507
Olahbinan 09284067647 w/wifi
Residential Lodge 0919 6728744 
Canaway 09107092631 
*Hotel Rates ranges from P200 –P500 per person per night 
*I recommend that you stay at Sigrid’s Bed and Breakfast because out of all the hostel’s in Sagada it’s the most tourist friendly.
*There are no hotels in Sagada only hostels.

Tour Guide

A tour guide would cost about P200 per place you visit.

Navales Bakeshop Sagada – Must try their freshly baked cinnamon bread
Log Cabin- Serves an Eat-All-You Can Buffet every Saturday Night which costs about P400 per person 
(French Cuisine) * Make sure to have a reservation because they tend to be fully booked on Holidays.Yoghurt House- Try their strawberry banana yoghurt                                                                                                           
St. Jo Café- try their fried chicken 
Salt and Pepper Restaurant- try their Steak 
Café Bodega- try their freshly squeezed orange juice                                                                                
( Don't expect to eat extravagant food because Sagada is a very simple place )

Trekking; Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Kayaking; Spelunking 

Just Contact 
Mountain Province Adventures 
Call or Text 09087216200; 09196988361 
Email them at 
Or Check their Website 

Tourist Spots in Sagada: 
Northern Sagada:Eco-Cultural Tour; Bomod-ok/ Big Falls; Fidelesan Rice Terraces;Northern Sagada 
Western Sagada : Danum Lake; Ampacao Mountain Trek 
Eastern Sagada: Kiltepan View Peak; Marlboro Country                                                        
Southern Sagada: Sugong Hanging Coffins; Lumiang Burial Cave; Sumaging Cave                
Central Sagada: Echo Valley; Underground River Entrance; Bokong Small Falls

Transportation to Sagada  
Van Rental Contact From Manila to Sagada would cost you P17,000 to P23000 for 10 persons 
You may Contact: Joey 09472933463 
Commuting from Manila to Sagada would cost you P1200 roundtrip
Total Travel time: 12 to 14 hours

Sagada + Banaue 4 Days/ 3 Nights Budget

4 Days / 3 Nights Sagada + Banaue Budget per person

Roundtrip Aircon Van Transportation ( Gas+ Toll + Expert Driver with Tour Gude) ( 23,000/10)
Hotel Accommodation 200 per person per night
Grocery (Snacks + Drinks)
Entrance Fee and Guide on Tourist Spots
Total Cost
* Prices are in Philippine Peso

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