Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I will never get tired of going to Baguio

Out of all of the  provinces I have ever been to in the Philippines, Baguio will still be my number one pick. I never get tired of going to Baguio. Even if you think Baguio is overrated, I can even  go here 5x a year even though it will take you 4 to 8 hours going here.I will still go here since it’s truly the summer capital of the Philippines. I can give you so many reasons why to go here.



Things to Do in Baguio
1 Chill and enjoy the cold weather

2 Stay at Baguio Country Club

3 Food Tripping

4 Visit “Touristy Places” such as Burnham Park, Bontanical Garden, Mansion House  

5 Do Touristy Things such as Horseback Riding at Wright Park  
6 Pick some fruits and vegetables at the Strawberry Farm

7 Visit the BenCab Museum

8 If you are up for an adventure you can try ghost hunting

9 Shop for Pasalubong at Good Shepherd, Mines View and Baguio Wet Market


.    The weather is cold, not aircon type of cold but the type of cold natural weather.
2.     The food here is also delicious and quite affordable.
3.    There are so many tourist attractions to visit here.
4.    There’s always a new surprise every time I visit here.
5.    The people here are very hospitable and friendly.

   It’s the only destination where just want to sit in my nice hotel and stay there not even go outside of the Hotel.
I will never get tired of Baguio because I keep on finding new things to do in this windy city. 

Baguio Travel Tips:

Where to Stay in Baguio?
For Budget Traveler’s:  Baguio Vacation Apartments (P2,500/day) good for 4 to 6 persons
For Middle Class: Stay at Forest Lodge in Camp John Hay ( P2900/night)  good for 2 persons              
For Upper Class : Stay at Baguio Country Club ( P5,400/Night) ; The Manor ( P5,900/night ); Azalea Residences ( P6,200/ night)

Where to Eat in Baguio?

Hamada Restaurant – Enjoy an authentic Japanese meal cooked in front of you. This restaurant is located at Baguio Country Club.  It will only cost you P800 per person                                                           
Raisin Bread- Enjoy the mouthwatering pastries at Raisin Bread which is located at Baguio Country Club. It will only cost you P200 per person.                                                                                                        
Le Chef- Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet with a nice view of the Pines trees. This restaurant is located at the Manor. It will only cost you 500 per person.  Try their hot chocolate, it’s the best.                        
50’s Diner- Try having an authentic and affordable American Meal at the 50’s Diner which is located at Brent Road, Baguio City. It will only cost you P150 per person.

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