Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thunderbird Poropoint Resort: A Beautiful Replica of Santorini

Beach at Thunderbird Poropoint

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Thunderbird Poropoint Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels here in the Philippines. Its Grecian style building set amidst a golf course, and casino are both truly breathtaking. It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, group of friends or families who are looking for the beautiful architecture in Santorini as well as the glitzy game rooms in Vegas. However, there really isn't much to do around the area but swim by the pool or surf at the beach. The main purpose of this resort is to play Casino. The food at the Olives is appetizing, and I advise you to order their Steak because it is quite superb. The hotel has a nice view of the beach and the room amenities are excellent. The service by the staff was efficient and outstanding. You will really have a feeling of being spoiled. I can say that this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your money. 

Thunderbird Poropoint  Resort                                                                                          
Poro Point Freeport Zone                                                                                                          
San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines                                                                                 
Contact Number: (+6372)888777 ; +639175865126                                                               Email:                                                                      
Rates: P7,500- P20,000 per room per night                                                                                   
Day Tour: PHP 1200 per pax (inclusive of use of swimming pool and 700 consumable of food and drinks
Travel Time from Manila to Poropoint: 6-7 hours drive 
Transportation: Private Car; Chartered Plane to Poro point Airport; Bus (Dominion Transit)
Travel Tips:
-Enjoy the facilities  and relax at Thunderbird  Poropoint Resort.
- If you want to maximize your time in La Union, As an alternative you can also stay for 1 night @ Kahuna Beach Resort and Surf the Waves at San Juan, La union which is just a 20 minute drive from Thunderbird Poropoint Resort. 

Surf the waves @ Kahuna Beach Resort