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Dumaguete + Siquijor = Surprisingly Amazing

Virgin Beach Beside The Port 

Road to the Secret Beach

Jumping off Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls

Pool at Coco Grove Beach Resort
Century Old Balete Tree

7 Kilometer Beach of Coco Grove Beach Resort

Volleyball Area at Coco Grove Beach Resort

The Secret Beach 

Siliman University 
I did not research about the places to see or eat in Dumaguete since I have already been here, 9 years ago. What made this trip so much fun was the feeling of uncertainty of   not knowing where to go, what to eat or even what path will lead us?  What we were just sure is that we were hungry and that we also wanted adventure. My Friends and I just trusted our instinct on where to eat and ended up having one of the best culinary adventures of our lifetime.  We just lived at the moment during our stay at Dumaguete.
Chimichanga @ Moon Cafe
Potato Sausage Pizza at Pasta King Cafe Di Roma

Dessert at Sans Rival 

We arrived in Dumaguete at past 5 in the afternoon and it was raining. We checked in our hotel and rested for an hour. We decided to take a tricycle to the downtown.  My friend told me that Dumaguete had the best silvanas. So we first tried Silvanas at Sans Rival and my god it was truly the best silvanas l I’ve ever tasted.

After having dessert,  we wanted to explore the city and roam around the streets to find the best restaurant to have dinner. We looked at the store where most of the locals were eating. We decided to eat at Moon Café since it was jam packed with all locals. We really enjoyed dining at this Mexican restaurant.  We tried their best sellers which include chimichangas, baby back ribs and sun coolers. This only cost us 250 per person. After that we tried eating tempura by the bay. It actually tasted like kikiam shaped in tempura. It was nothing special but it was definitely cheap. It only costs 4 pesos per shrimp. After eating there we walked at the Park near the Church and then found this Authentic Italian Restaurant called Pasta King Cafe di Roma. Their pizza was too die for it was even better than the ones I've tasted in Italy. The pizza was tasted well in a different way since they did not put any tomato sauce just place cheese, potato and sausages. It was only 300php good for 3 persons. The pizza tasted good since it was cooked from a brick oven. After our culinary adventure we then decided to go back to our hotel and rest for the next day.
Groceries from Why Not?
Come morning we ate breakfast at Why not. We enjoyed an authentic European breakfast and ate bread, cheese yoghurt; bacon and cheese omelets; and bread and Jam. We even bought some groceries  for our trip to Siquijor. We then decided to go to the famous Siliman University and roamed around the campus. This is a must see tourist destination especially for first timers. 
My Friends at the Siliman University. 

Dumaguete is a perfect for food lovers I would definitely want to go here again and again and again

We went to Siquijor late in the afternoon and waited for our friend because her flight was delayed. We then decided to ride a ferry boat. All of my friends even got sea sick. It was the longest 45 minute boat ride of my life. I assured myself to never ride the boat again. After getting sea sick we decided to wait for our friend at the Siquijor Port.

I was amazed because it was the cleanest port I have ever seen. Beside the port you can find a virgin beach, which has fine white sand . Out of all the beaches that I have ever been too. This is the only beach that can be comparable to Boracay. The best part of it was there was no one around and felt like we own the place. The only bad thing about this beach is the weird smell. We spent 4 hours just sun bathing. We met our friend at around five in the afternoon. The locals told us to not roam around at night because it was dangerous because there were no street lights. We just decided to stay at our hotel. We did not know where to stay so we asked the local to bring us to a nice and affordable resort. The tricycle driver brought us to Coco Grove Beach Resort. It was one of the best resorts I have ever stayed at it was very cheap. The villa was really nice it can even accommodate 5 persons that only costs P4100 per night Not bad for a such nice resort. I felt like we were the only ones in the resort since their beach is 7 kilometers wide. We just ate our groceries that we bought from Why Not Restaurant. We had a night swim and late dinner at the Resort and decided to rest.
Fish Spa beside the Century Old Balete Tree

Lazi Church 

Lazi Convent 

Come Morning we decided to tour around Siquijor via tricycle. We first went see a century old Balete Tree which has a fish spa below it. After that we went to Lazi Church. The church and convent was really nice. I was amazed that it was preserved up until the Spanish era. After that we went to Cambugahay Falls near by the road. We then decided to jump off the falls. The feeling was so exciting after jumping off felt so revitalizing. This is better than Ariel’s point in Boracay since you will jump into a fresh clean river.
Secret Beach 

After the trip to the  Cambugahay falls, we went into the secret beach. The road to the secret beach was really nice. We then decided to spend our final hours in Siquijor at our beach resort. We swam by the pool and enjoyed sun bathing by the beach.  We ate our lunch then hurried back to the pier so that we would not miss our flight. We rode a different boat. The boat ride was fine and we did not even got sea sick we just got wet because the current was very strong. We then decided to eat our late lunch again at Moon Café and bought our Pasalubong at Sans Rival.
St. Francis De Asisi Church 

I will definitely go back to the small island province of Siquijor. It was surprisingly amazing and not that scary at all. First time I went to beach which is like the virgin Boracay. Stayed at one of the best resorts I have ever been too and also the cheapest. Crossed so many things out of my bucket list. 

Dumaguete and Siquijor will be a perfect combination for adventure seekers and food lovers. These two provinces will give you an element of surprise because you will be amazed at the things that you will discover. I recommend that you should go to these provinces just even once in your life. This trip was definitely one for the books.

Dumaguete Travel Tips 
Where to stay in Dumaguete City? Plaza Maria Luisa Suites Inn; Hotel Florentina                               
Where to eat in Dumaguete City? Dessert at Sans Rival;  Mexican Cuisine at Moon Café;  European Breakfast at Why Not Restaurant;  Authentic Italian Pizza at  Pasta King Café Di roma                       
Where to go in Dumaguete City?  Siliman University Campus ; Rizal Boulevard; Dumaguete Belfry Tower;
Manjuyod Sandbars; Bais Dolphin Watching; Apo Island Marine Sanctuary                                       
Tips: Dumaguete is a very small city. You can finish a walking tour of the city with half a day.

SANS RIVAL Cakes &  Pastries                                                                                           
Location: 3 San Jose St. Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Philippines                                              
Must Try: Chocolate Silvanas; Original Silvanas; Sans rival;                                    
Price: Silvanas (Original) P110 Box of 1                                                                          
Silvanas (Chocolate P180 Box of 1)                                                                               
Sans Rival ( Whole cake P300)

Moon Café                                                                                                                                                  
Location: 7 Siliman Avenue Dumaguete City                                                                                     
Contact Number: +63354211377                                                                                                               
Operating Hours: 10:00- 24:00                                                                                                       
Must Try: Chimichanga; Mexican Baby Back Ribs; Sun Coolers                                                
Price:  Chimichanga for P80
Mexican Baby Back Ribs P190     
Sun Coolers P200

Why Not?                                                                                                                              
Location: 70 Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Philippines                                                 
Contact Number: +63354229209                                                                                                          
Must try: Bread; Pastries; Wine; Cold Cut; Sausages; Cheese Omelet; Fresh Fruits; Yogurt                 
Price: Bread P30- P100;   Breakfast Meal P300; Spanish Wine P450 ;Cheese P100 per 10 Grams; Omelet P250

Pasta King Café Di Roma                                                                                                 
Location:5 Dr. V. Locsin  St. Dumaguete City                                                                         
Contact-info: +63354210865                                                           
Operating hours: Open thru Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 10pm                                                  
Must Try: Sausage Pizza with no tomato sauce; Gelato Ice-cream; Tiramisu                               
Price:    Sausage Pizza (Good for 3 pax) P 300; Gelato Ice-cream per scoop P45; Tiramisu P100

Siquijor Travel Tips
How to get to Siquijor? Ferry Boat from Dumaguete                                                                         
Where to stay in Siquijor? Coco Grove Beach Resort                                                                       
Where to go in Siqujor? Beach Beside the Port; Cambugahay Falls; Lazi Church; Secret Beach: Balete Tree  
Tips: Even though Siquijor is small province I recommend that you should stay here at least 2 to 4 days to enjoy
the marvelous sights. In order to save money on transportation rent a motorbike for P250 a day. 
- Best time to visit Siquijor is during the Summer months which is from November till May                                  
- I recommend that you ride Ocean Jet Ferry Times 
Coco Grove Beach Resort                                                                                                                   
Location: Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor Island                                                                                                  
Website: http://www.cocogrovebeachresort.com                                                                                  
Contact Number: +639273628731; +639399155123                                                                                        
Room Rates:                                                                                                                           
Standard Room    (good for 2 pax) P2700                                                              ,             
Family Deluxe Cottage (good for 5 pax) P P4100                                                                                            
Tips: The resort has a very nice ambience and the staff is very accommodating. However their food is not that
great. I recommend that you eat out and try the Authentic Delicacies in the Restaurants in Siquijor.

Ocean Jet Ferry                                                                                                                                  
Ferry Cost: One Way  per person P200                                                                                   
Website: www.oceanjet.net                                                                                                   
Contact Number: +6390660233891                                                                                             
Ferry Schedule:                                                                                                                           
Dumaguete to Siquijor: 10;45; 19:40                                                                                               
Siquijor to Dumaguete: 06:00; 14:20

3 Days & 2 Nights Dumaguete+ Siquijor  Detailed Tour Cost per Person
*Prices are in Philippine Peso
Day 1

One way   Airplane Ticket Manila to Dumaguete ( Promo Fare)
Tricycle from Airport to Hotel  (P100/ 3)
Hotel One Day  (P1200/3)
Tricycle to City Center
Moon Café  Dinner (P750/3)
Tempura Street Food
Italian Food at Pasta King Café Di Roma( P300/3)
Dessert at Sans Rival
Tricycle Back to Hotel
Day 2

Tricycle to City Center
European Breakfast and Grocery Items at Why Not?
Ferry Boat Ride From Dumaguete to Siquijor
Hotel Stay @ Coco Grove Beach Resort (P4100/4)
Late Dinner at Coco Grove Beach Resort
Tricycle Rent for 2 Days (P1500/4) with tour guide
Day 3

Boat Ride From Siquijor to Dumaguete
Late Lunch at Moon Café  (P1000/4)
Pasalubong at Sans Rival
Tricycle From Dumaguete City Center to Dumaguete Airport P150/4
Airport Terminal Fee
One Way Airplane Ticket  from Dumaguete to Manila (promo fare)
Total Cost with Airfare, Accommodation, Tour,  Presents


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  2. So surreal when I saw my college blockmate, Kris', photo there. Haha! Glad you're having a blast! I'm currently looking at your blog for ideas for the upcoming long weekends. So far, I've been getting some tips on family-friendly locations. Thanks for including a very detailed breakdown of your expenses as well. Cheers to more fun travelling! :D

    1. Denise Salcedo? Haha I hope you come to Siquijor! Really one of the best surprises in the PH :D