Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 12 Must Eats Thai Street Foods

Some of my friends travel to drink in one’s culture; others want to see places they have never seen before. One of the main reasons why I travel is to eat, particularly on the street. I think street food is where you can have an authentic experience of one’s culture. The best foods that I have ever tasted in Thailand where eaten standing up in the side streets of Bangkok. There’s a Filipino saying which states that “ Mas Madumi, mas masarap” or in English ” If it’s dirtier the more delicious it will be”.  Don’t be afraid of trying something new because  a taste of it, may change your view in life forever.

I will suggest to you my Top 12 must eat Thai Street Food. I suggest that you should not leave Thailand without eating the my top 12 suggestions. Thai Street food is sold just about everywhere. I suggest that you explore the different side streets this is where you can find the best that Thailand has to offer.

1.       Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Tea
Price: 20 Baht  (USD 60 Cents)

2.       Phat Thai ( Pad Thai)
Shrimp Pad Thai
Price: 30 Baht (USD 90 Cents)

3.       Khao Pad (Fried Rice)

Price: 20 Baht (USD 60 Cents)

4.       Fresh Fruits  served with spices of your choice

Price: 10 Baht (USD 30 cents)

5.       Chicken Sa Thai or Thai Barbecue 

Price: 10 Baht per stick (USD 30 cents)

6.       Banana Nutella Crepe

Price: 50 Baht (US $ 1.52)

7.       Coconut Icecream

Price: 40 Baht (US $1.2)

8.        Som Tam ( Green Papaya Salad)

Price: 30 Baht or (US $1)

9.       Mango with Sticky Rice

Price: 25 Baht (US 75 Cents)

10.   Thai Beer  (Singha)

Price: 90 Baht  (US $2.74)

11. Thai Insects 

If you’re like Andrew Zimmern or the type of person who wants an adventure in their taste buds you may also try these fried insects  which are located in the side streets of Bangkok.
Price: 10 Baht per Stick ( US 30 Cents)

12. Kuaytiaw or Thai Noodle Soup

Price: 15 Baht (US 45 Cents) 

with my best friend at Khao San Road 

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
*Prices are in Thai Baht

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