Friday, August 31, 2012

French Sunday Market

French Flea Market

Fruits and Vegetables 
Meat Products 


Authentic French Macaroons 
 On my way to a French Sunday Market

 I believe that going to a French Flea Market on a Sunday morning, is a must try for travelers, especially food enthusiasts. This experience is where you can really feel that you are French. You can find so many awesome, cheap and good deals in a Flea Market.  The good thing here is that you can bargain the price of your desired item. I really enjoy going to markets/ bazaars in the Philippines. But this experience is a must try since the French Market is really different because they sell different types cheese, cold cuts, fruits, vegetables, truffle  and other French Commodities.  It’s also a good thing if you get to buy fresh ingredients and cook it at your apartment or hotel so that it will be cheaper for you and you will get to eat more food.

French Sunday Market Tips
1.       Look for the best bargain you can get.
2.       Bring small change and a big bag.
3.       Look for things which you haven’t tried yet and buy them
4.       Take your time to enjoy the morning in these Markets
5.       Be early so that you can get the best buy.
Flea Markets can usually be found  in City Centres all over France and even Europe every Sunday.
Operating Hours:
Flea Markets usually operates from 7am to 1pm. 

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