Thursday, October 19, 2017

New York City Travel Guide

New York is one of the most visited cities in the World. It’s famous for food, art, nightlife, fashion and theatre. It’s like the melting pot of the world; almost all cultures are represented here. There are so many immigrants living in New York, that when you are craving for a particular cuisine, you can go to their area and have one of the most authentic meals of your life. New York can be pretty expensive, but I can teach you a few tips on saving a few bucks while travelling the city.

Staten Island Ferry

So Many Tourists at Wall Street 


Brooklyn Bridge

People Watching at East Village

Drinking at Mc Laren's Pub

TOP 10 Things to Do in New York City
1)      Walk the High- Line
2)      Ride the Staten Island Ferry for Free
3)      Jogging at Central Park
4)       Walk  the Brooklyn Bridge
5)      Take Selfies at Time Square
6)      Watch Broadway
7)       Visit Wall Street
8)      Picnic at Bryant Park
9)       Drink at a Rooftop Bar
10)   Eat at the Smorgasburg Market in Williamsburg
1)   See the Met Museum
1)    Watch a Baseball Game
13)  Food Trip at Chelsea Market
14) Helicopter Ride  of NYC Skyline
15)  See the View on top of the Rock  NYC

Hostels- A dorm can cost up to $30 to $ 40 per room, while a private room can cost up to $80 a night.
Hotels- Hotels in New York are super expensive averaging from $350 to $600 a night.
AIRBNB- You can easily get  a  one bedroom apartment in Manhattan for $50 to $100 a Night through this website
Home Stay- If you have a friend or a relative who lives in New York,  you can ask them if you can stay at their place  for a week to save money on accommodation.
New York has food in all price ranges. Average cost of meal at a restaurant is $15 to $30 with additional 20% Tip.  While Cocktail drinks may cost up to $15 to $20 at rooftop bars.  If you’re on a budget you can get a slice of pizza for as low as $3. You can buy Halal street food for only $6. While First Class Restaurants can cost you up to $100/ per person.  You can download the YELP app for food suggestions.

MY NYC Must Eat’s 

Pistachio Ice Cream at Morganstern’s;  Frozen Smores and Cookie Shot at Dominique Ansel;
Taco’s at Los Tacos, Chealsea Market; Mixed Gyro at Halal Guys; Porterhouse Steak at Delimonico’s;  Chocolate Chip Cookie at LeVain Bakery; Cheeseburger at Shake Shack 

Public Transportation is very efficient in New York and what’s great about their subway is that it is open 24/7. One Way fare to any destination within the 5 boroughs is just $2.75. If you will stay for a longer time in New York, I suggest you get their unlimited weekly pass for only $32 or their monthly pass for $120. You can also ride a yellow taxi for less than $15 for Short Distance. If you have data, You can also use Lyft which cheaper than Uber.   You can also use ride shares like uber pool to save more money.
If you don’t have enough time in New York to go to the outlets, you can just go to Union Square for Shopping.  There are a lot of retails store here where you can buy great bargains. To name a few are, Nordstrom Rack, Sephora, DSW for Shoes, Mac Cosmetics, Burlington, Forever 21, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s  and Baby’s R US.  I also found a cute bookstore that sells hard to find books at a very affordable price which is called Strand Bookstore near Union Square.  If you’re in Soho, I also found a cute store like Zara but sell it at a more affordable price which is called Necessary Clothing. You can also go to Century 21 and TJ Maxx if you want to buy good bargains.
 $60- 100 per Day.  I stayed at my friend’s place so I got to save my money on accommodations and bought groceries for breakfast.  I almost spend $60 a day for food and transportation.

New York Travel Tips
1)      Buy a Metro Card. (Unlimited Weekly Pass $32)
2)      Download the YELP App to look for the best food within your budget
3)      Download the CITY MAPPER  App. This will be your life saver in getting to places you want to go. It will even tell you what are the best Exit/ Stop for your destination.
 4)  Download the TODAY TIX App to get discounts on broadway shows.
4)      If you get lost, you can go down to your nearest subway station to get free Wi-Fi.   You can also get free Wi-Fi at Starbucks.
5)      Look for the nearest Starbucks if you need to go to the bathroom.
6)      Be mindful of your belongings
7)      If you want to watch Broadway Shows, You can easily get 50% Discount on your tickets if you buy it 1 hour before at the TKTS Booth in Times Square. The tickets are usually Orchestra Seats which you can get great bargains.
8)      Giving tips in New York is a must. Some waiters even chase you out if you don’t give one.
9)      Hotels are very expensive in Manhattan. Average rooms cost up to $400 a Night. I suggest you just book an apartment though AIRBNB.  Or find a relative or a friend to stay with to save money on accommodation
10)   You can get free entrance on museums on certain days. You just have to do more research
11)   If you don’t have enough time to see the major tourist spots. I suggest you take the Hop on Hop Off for only $32 for 2 days that will show you the major tourist’s spots in the city.
12)   If you miss Filipino Food, you can go to Ugly Kitchen which is located in East Village. This place make you feel like you’re at home
13)   You can try to visit Williamsburg or Dumbo Brooklyn  which is a very nice place to hang out.
14)   Do not rent or bring a car in New York. Parking is freaking expensive here. It’s also hard to find a parking spot.
15)   You can also Avoid Times Square unless you are a fan of the Broadway.
16)   Plan everything in advance if you want to save money.
17)   Wear Comfortable Shoes, if you are plan to walk all the time
18)   Get lost and explore the city.
19)   I advise you to not go shopping in New York because taxes are quite high here.
20)   Don’t just focus on Manhattan. The other Burroughs are also amazing.
21)   Don’t make eye contact at the subway
22)   Check the Weather App.
23)   Always bring a bottle of water. Bottled Water is pricey if you buy all the time. You can easily find fountains or refill your water bottle everywhere.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Siargao Paraiso Resort: Best Private Resort in Siargao

 Siargao Paraiso Resort is one the most beautiful AIRBNB’s I’ve ever stayed at. It’s quite affordable. I got a 2 bedroom villa for only 100 USD with your own private infinity pool and private beach. The resort offers 2 queen beds with a kitchen and grill where you can cook your own food. They also offer paddle boards if you want to try new sports. If you are lazy to cook you can hire a private chef to cook some of your cravings. This resort is truly worth your money. The resort only allows 4 people but it can actually fit 8. If you’re the type of person who wants to escape from the busy city life and the many tourists of Siargao, then this will be the perfect place for you. Siargao Paraiso Resort a must stay place in Siargao. 

1.       Buy groceries at the city center
2.       The resort is quite far from the tourist spots. But you can rent a van for only 2500 a day which can fit 8 people.
3.       Bring a hard drive for watching movies
4.       Relax. Enjoy. Have Fun 

Siargao Paraiso Resort
Address:  88 Santa Fe Blvd General Luna,80361
Contact Number: +639998751072; +639994208254
Rate: 100 USD to 120USd a Night