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Top 10 Weekend Getaways Near Manila

I am currently employed at an investment house right now. I am not yet allowed to have a leave at my new work. So I have researched places near Manila which I can experience my sweet escapes. I have this wanderlust inside me is as if that if I just     stay at one place I would go crazy. So I have to constantly move or get out of my comfort zone every month.  It’s very important for me to have a work life balance. This is the thing that I have learned from Europeans.  People from there, work to live and not live to work. Find time for yourself, for your family and for your friends. One of the best ways to spend time with them is through travel.  

Here are some places near Manila which you can spend  your weekend , you may have a choice to take a day trip or overnight trip which are quite affordable for regular employees like me. Instead of spending your P1500 for food, clothing or movies at the Mall, why not spend your money on travel where you can eat good food, listen to beautiful music and go on adventures with the people you love?

1)     Chilling at Tagaytay
If you want to escape from the hot weather in Manila, Tagaytay maybe the best advice for you.   This is the perfect getaway for  random  people who just want feel the cold weather, eat good food, drink beer and enjoy the good company of your family or friends. 
Taal Volcano @ Tagaytay
LOCATION:  Talisay, Batangas
Travel Time from Manila: 1 hour and a half  to 2 Hour drive from Manila
BUDGET: 500 Day Trip 2000 Overnight
FOOD:Bulalo at Green Ats; Breakfast Buffet at Balay Dako; Coffee at Bag of Beans
Transportation via Commute: Take a Bus from Manila to Tagaytay operated by Jam Transit; Crow Transit; Kirby Transit; San Agustin Transit; Cely Rosa Transit (One Way Bus Fare =P90)

2)     Hiking at Anawangin Cove and Swimming at Capones Island

Anawangin Cove and Capones Island is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers. There are a lot of things to do here, you can hike the mountains and see the iconic view of Anawagin Cove. Camp out with your Family. Swim or sun bathe at the white beach of Capones Island. Note that there is no electricity in Anawangin. You will become one with the nature once you spend an overnight trip here. 

Capones Island 
Anawangin Cove

LOCATION: Pundaquit, Zambales
Travel Time From Manila: 3 to 4 hours Drive
BUDGET: 1500 Day Trip 3000 Overnight
Transportation via Commute: Take a Bus From Manila to Iba, Zambales operated by Victory Liner. Then take a tricycle going to Pundaquit. Then take a boat ride to Anawangin. (One Way Bus Fare=P 357)
Tips: Bring your own food and Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints 
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3)      Beach Bumming at Nasugbu ,Batangas

If you have a friend who is a member of these following membership clubs like  TaliPunta FuegoHamilo Coast,  Maya-Maya or Kamaya Coast.   You can Cliff Dive at Tali Beach. Enjoy the infinity pool at Punta Fuego or  Hamilo Coast.  If you don’t have a friend who is a member of these clubs you can also try websites like AIRBNB to rent a condo for the weekend. You can also visit the Fortune Island which is also located in Nasugbu. 
 Nasugbu, Batangas is the perfect getaway for beach bummers like you. It’s location is quite convenient because it’s only a 3 hour drive from Manila.  If you take theCavitex shortcut  it can even take you just 90 minutes from Mall of Asia.  Even though the sand is greyish brown, their beach is still nice to swim since there are few sea weeds and rocks here.
Hamilo Coast Infinity Pool

LOCATION:  Nasugbu, Batangas
Travel Time From Manila: 3 to 4 hours Drive
BUDGET:  P 1700 Day Trip ;  P3000  Overnight
FOOD: Kainan Sa Dalampasigan Restaurant 
Transportation via Commute: Take a Bus from Manila to Nasugbu operated by Crown Bus Line ; Batman Star Express ; San Agustin Transit;  Erjan & Almark.  These Bus terminals are usually located near MRT Edsa Taft Station ( One Way Bus Fare= P125)

4)       Wakeboarding at Nuvali, Laguna

If you are the sporty type of person, you can also try wakeboarding at  Nuvali’s Republic WakePark.  There is an open view restaurant at the Wakepark, where you can hang out while your friends are wakeboarding. This is the new hip place where you can enjoy your weekend. You can also enjoy shopping at the outlet stores at Nuvali.  It’s hard to find a good restaurant to dine in Laguna. After a tiring day of wakeboarding, I suggest that you eat at the nice restaurants at Tagaytay which is a stone throwaway form Nuvali.
Nuvali Wakerpark

LOCATION: Nuvali, Laguna
Travel Time From Manila: 1 Hour Drive via SLEX Eton Exit
Budget:  850 Day Trip;    1500 Overnight
Transportation via Commute: Take a Bus from Makati to Nuvali operated by Jam Liner. Then take a tricycle to Nuvali Wakerpark.  (One Way Bus Fare = P70)
Contact Info:  +632 8640402
Website: http://Republ1cWakepark.com/
Wakeboard Cable Rates:
P 250
P 8000/HOUR

5) Heritage Tour at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is perfect for people who want to learn more about the history of the Philippines. There are a lot of things to do here, you can have a guided tour, go swimming by the beach or private pool, biking,  and eat their Filpino Restaurant. Prices can be quite expensive but the experience here is worth it. 

Location:Bagac, Bataan  
Travel Time from Manila: 2.5 Hours to 4 Hours Drive                                    
Budget: P1600 Day Trip; P5000 Overnight 
Transportation via Commute: Take a bus From Manila to Bagac, Bataan via Bataan Transit. Then Take a Tricycle to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar                                                                                                  

6)   Chilling in La Union
If you want to take a random beach trip alone, or with friends, go to San Juan, La Union. This is  just a 5 hour bus ride from Manila and even a 4 hour drive for private use. There are a lot of things to do here like chilling at Flotsam Jetsam Hostel,  relaxing at Thunderbird Resorts,surfing at San Juan Beach, cliff jumping at Tangadan Falls, yoga at  the Beach Hub and food tripping in restaurants at Brgy. Ubiztondo. 
Flotsam Jetsam Hostel

      Location:  San Juan, La Union
      Travel Time From Manila: 4 Hours Drive; 5 Hour Bus Ride 
      Budget:  P 4,000 for 3 Days and 2 Nights
      Where to Stay: Flotsam Jetsam Hostel, Kahuna Beach Resort, P&M Final Option Beach Resort, Thurderbird Resorts and Casino, Circle Hostel
Surfing Lessons: P350 per hour
Transportation via Commute: Take a Partas Bus from Cubao/Pasay. Tell the driver to drop off you at San Fernando, La Union. Take a tricycle or Jeep to Brgy. Urbizodo, San Juan La Union.  
      What to do in La Union: Surfing at San Juan La Union; Jumping Off the Tangadan Falls

7)     Food Tripping at Clark, Pampanga

Going to Clark, Pampanga for a road trip can be fun.  The perfect thing to do at Clark is to FOOD TRIP. There are a lot of good eats at the Friendship Highway. You can also try authentic Pamapanga Cuisine. Kapampangans are known as good cooks. They are famous for their caldereta and other spicy Filipino delicacies. You can also shop at the Duty Free Outlet stores at Clark. You can also rent a house at Mimosa or Fontana. If you're the adventurous type of person, you can also try adrenaline rush sports at Porac, Pampanga which is 30 minutes away Clark.
Iguana's Mexican Restaurant Formerly Known as Zapatas 

Location: Clark, Pampanga
Travel Time From Manila: 2 Hours Drive 
Budget: P 800 Day Trip;  P2000 Overnight
Restaurants in Clark:  Iguana’s ;  The Original Razon’s;  Sisig ni Aling Lucing; Nathaniel’s;  Everybody’s CafĂ©
Transportation via Commute: Take a Bus from Manila to Clark  operated by Philtanco; Victory Liner; Partas ( One way Bus Fare = P170)

If you miss the feeling of being in Baguio but don't want the hassle of long travel. Then you can go to Sierra Madre which is just one hour away from SM Masinag. This place is perfect for picnics with your family. This place is tourist free and also toll free. There are a few places to eat here, so you better bring food or something to grill.

Location: 58 Marcos Highway Mayagay, Tanay Rizal
Travel Time From Manila:  1 Hour  Drive from Manila
Budget: 500 Php per person
Where to go?: Sierra Madre Hotel, Ten Cents to Heaven
Contact Number:09087208234; 4757320; 4757321;
How to get there? No ways of commuting. You can only drive up to here . 
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9)     Surfing in San Narciso, Zambales

If you want to try surfing for the first time, San Narciso, Zambales would be the perfect advise for beginner surfers. This is just a 3 hour drive from Manila via SCTEX.  Surfing Lessons would only cost you about P350 per hour.  Skim Boarding Lesson will cost you about P300 per hour. This is a more convenient surfing spot for Manilenyos, rather than going to La Union or Baler.
Big Waves  @ San Narciso, Zambales

Location:  Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales
Travel Time From Manila: 4 Hours Drive
Budget:  2,400 Per person Overnight Stay
Website:  http://www.crystalbeach.com.ph
Surfing Lessons: P350 per hour
Skim Boarding Lessons: P300 per hour 
Transportation via Commute: Take a Bus from Manila to Iba, Zambales operated by Victory Liner. Go down to San Narciso Town Proper, and take a tricycle to the resort you want to visit.  (One way Bus Fare= P357)

10.Chilling in Antipolo
If you just want to go out of the busy city and don't want to travel that much then Antipolo would be the perfect place for you and your friends. It's just a 45 minute drive from Katipunan avenue. You can drink and have a nice view at Cloud 9, play at their perya or appreciate art at the Pinto Art Museum. Antipolo is like the cheaper and nearer version of Tagaytay since you don't have to pay for toll fee. 

  Location:  Ynares Center, Antipolo
Travel Time: 45 Minutes from Katipunan Avenue
Budget: P500 to 1,000 per person
Transportation via Commute: Take an FX to Antipolo From Araneta Center Cubao
Trasportation via Drive: Take Marcos highway then turn  right to Sumulong. 
Places to See: Pinto Art Museum; Cloud 9; Perya Near Ynares Center; Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant; Tipulo; Valley Golf and Country Club; Hinulugang Taktak falls;
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