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Salcedo Market is Love

Salcedo Weekend Market
Native Delicacies 
Fruits and Vegetables 

Fresh Spices


Shoppers @ Salcedo Community Market

Beat the heat and indulge yourself with flavored ice. 

Gigi La Crepe & Galette

Galette with Sausage

Butter and Sugar Crepe by Gigi 
with Gilbert the Owner. ( He even taught me how to speak French) 

Tutti Carne Pizza 

Other Dishes served by Pizza Di Grazzia

with my friends from  Ateneo 


Jaime Velasquez Park

Salcedo Market is one of my favorite places here in Metro Manila. This is my happy place where I can find peace and reflect on my life. This market reminds me of a time, when I went to a French Sunday Market in the South of France.  It was just a memorable experience for me since I got to feel like I was French and enjoyed shopping random stuff.  You will have a feeling of like you are in Europe, once you are in Salcedo Market.

Salcedo Community Market is not just your ordinary weekend market like Mercato, Mezza Norte or even Banchetto. The concessionaires here sell stuff that is really out of the box.  The concessionaires here have been selling goods since the year 2004 and the shoppers here are  usually the ones who are living in the  neighborhood of Salcedo Village. Whenever I go here I feel like I’m in another place since the shoppers and the vendors here are Europeans.  This weekend market sells different types of produce like fresh meat, poultry, bread,  pasties, sausages, shawarma, icecream, spices, organic products, wine,  fresh fruits ,homemade yogurt, and many other delicacies from different parts of the world. 

I have been going to Salcedo Market every Saturday for the past six months. My goal was to try all the food which is sold at this market.   Some of the food  here are quite pricey and are not worth the money. I will give you my top 3 best bargains which can only be bought at this flea market. 

You must try this crepe place  @ Gigi La Crepe &Gallette   which is owned by a French national, Gilbert Rault. This is the only crepe place in Manila where you can taste authentic French Crepe and Galette . Since most of the crepe in the metro is quite sweet, and has ice cream on top of it, but the real French Crepe tastes salty and is served with gruyere cheese.  I must say that this is worth your money. Crepes here would cost about P50 to P90 depends upon the flavor. While their Galette would cost you about P100 to P250. They even offer catering and delivery services for a minimum order of P1000. 

You can  also try the Lechon Baka @ Wholly Cow which is located beside the crepe place . This is the favorite food of my guy friends. Whenever I go to Salcedo Market, my guy friends will usually order 1 kilo of Lechon Baka  and order rice and share it among them. They always order Lechon Baka almost every week for  the past six months. I must say it’s really good. It’s only P210 for ¼ kilo with rice. 1 Kilo of Lechon Baka is worth P800 which can be shared with 4 to 5 persons.  I suggest that you go to Salcedo Market at an earlier time to order this since it’s usually sold out in the afternoon. 

Lastly. you must also try their this Italian Pizza  @ Pizza Di Grazzia, which is located at the left most corner of Salcedo Market which is in front of the Jaime Velasquez Park. This  Charcoal- baked authentic thin-crust Italian Pizza is truly worth the money because the pizza  tasted like the ones I’ve eaten in Italy. Their ingredients are ingredients used in the pizza are fresh and cheese is really good.  I think that the secret to their good pizza is because they cook it in charcoal.  A medium size pizza would cost you about P200 , while  a large pizza  would cost you P350.  

Salcedo Market is one place where you can explore different types of cuisines, do some people watching, shop some of your groceries and enjoy the company of your friends while eating good which can satisfy your cravings.

Salcedo Community Market is located in the heart of Makati City. It is one of the biggest and oldest weekend markets in Manila.  Over 150 concessionaires gather around and bring a wide selection of food which can satisfy anyone’s craving.  The prices of the food here can be very expensive. The shoppers here are usually the people who live in Salcedo Village which target market is usually high end and the health conscious .

  Beside Jaime Velasquez Park  atLeviste St. Corner Toledo, Makati City
OPERATING  HOURS:  Open every Saturday from  7AM TO 2PM

Salcedo Market Must Try’s: Crepe Place; Lechon Baka; Itallian Pizza; Chicken Bon Bon; and Paella

Shopping Tip’s:
Be early so that you can get the best buy.
Take your time to enjoy the Weekend Market.
There are tables and chairs which are provided for people to eat and people watch which are covered with tents to protect your skin from the hot sun.
You must bring at least 500 to P1500 to really enjoy your food trip here at Salcedo Market.

For More Information Feel free to contact these Concessionaires:

Gigi La Crepe &Galette
Contact Person: Gilbert Rault
Contact Number: 09268795980
Price: Crepes @ P50 to P150 Galettes @ P150- P250 
For More Information Feel free to contact these Concessionaires:

Wholly Cow
Contact Number: 09177911008
Wholly Cow's Price List

Prime Cut
Regular Cut
Tapa Flakes
¼ KG
½ KG
1 KG
Meal 1 ( Roast Beef + Plain Rice)
Meal 2 ( Roast Beef + Garlic Rice)
Meal 3( Tapa Flakes + Garlic Rice) 
Extra Rice = P30 (Plain); P35(Garlic)

Extra Chili Garlic Sauce (1oz)
Extra Sauce (3.5 oz)

Pizza Di Grazzia

Contact Number: 09273185338
Contact Person: Grace Ongpin
Flavors: Margherita; Tutti Carne; Quattro Formaggio; Four Seasons; Napolitana; Spinach Ricotta; Antonio’s Special ; Calzone
Price: P200 Small  to P350 Large

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* Some of the pictures were taken by Pearl Andrada and Diana Gatlabayan


  1. Raisa! Why do I feel like you like the French guy as much as you like the French crepe? Haha :P

    1. Hi Celine! Friend ko yan si Gigi tinuturuan niya ako mag French whahahhaha :P

  2. Nice place I definitely go there to buy things and also to explore the place. Salcedo Market is on my top list now.