Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweden: Scandinavian SPA & Resort

Travelling all over Europe can be very tiring, stressful and fun at the same time. The pressures in your trip can be very stressful, what you can do is try to squeeze in going to a Spa Resort in Europe. This will help you relax and relieve your stress. The point of travelling is that you can get to escape from your reality and just relax and enjoy your money. There are lots of amenities in a Spa Resort that can help you relax which includes a heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, fish spa and a free massage. All of these amenities are already free and included with your room package. The good thing about these is that you can use unlimited time, it’s free, relaxing and worth your money.

Quality Spa & Resort in Stromstad , Sweden is located near the border line of Oslo, Norway.   It is also located near the business centres and outlets stores.  The hotel has complete amenities and is quite perfect for your family and friends. They have game rooms for kids, massage areas, heated pool, outdoor pool , sunbathing area, a bar & sauna for adults and teenagers.  You can also park your boat or yacht beside this resort. A free breakfast for 2 is also included in your room package. The resort also provides a warm & welcoming service of international standard. 

Address: Kebalvägen 229  452 20 Strömstad, Sweden
Contact Numbers: 0526-303 00
Reservation: › Sweden › Västra Götaland › Strömstad
Price Range:  12,000 PHP/ 300 USD/ 237 EUROS/ 1985 SEK/ 1736 NOK
Transportation: Rent a car and drive your self to Stromstad Quality Spa & Resort or hire a taxi. 


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