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DIY Tokyo, Japan 5 Days/ 4 Nights Tour for less than 30,000 Php

Tsukiji Fish Market 

Shibuya Crossing

The Onsen Experience

Picnic at Yoyogi Park

My Tokyo Experience

Shiroi Koibito 
Tokyo Pub Crawl

Due to Japan’s exchange rate, it has been very affordable to travel, especially for Filipinos. Last Year, Japan’s Exchange rate was 1000 JPY to 430 Php. This year it has now been 1000 yen to 370 pesos. That has been a 16% decrease from the previous year. Now you can make the most of their exchange rate and travel to Japan. I already fell in love with it on my first day.   The food was so great and also very affordable. You can get a meal for only 500 JPY which already has ramen and 2 gyoza’s.  Even the food in Family mart was also good. Japan is a very safe country especially for solo female travelers. If you leave your phone at some place you can find it at the lost and found station. Japanese people are so friendly and accommodating. The most expensive thing in Japan is their transportation. Taxis in Japan are very expensive I advise you to take the train.  Japan has been very affordable due to its declining exchange rate. I advise you to make the most out of it and travel now. They are not that strict anymore in giving out tourist visas because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I have decided to make a 5 Days/ 4 night Do it Yourself Tokyo Tour for less than 30,000 Php which includes airfare, hotel, food, transportation and other tours excluding shopping. Hope my guide will help you in your Japan Trip.

Top 10 Must See Attractions in Tokyo
1.       Meiji Shrine – There are so many temples in Japan but this is the most beautiful temple here in Tokyo. It also has a nice park where you can do some soul searching.
2.       Tokyo Sky Tree – This place is where you can see the whole skyline of Tokyo.
3.       Tsukiji Fish Market  This place is where you can eat fresh sushi.  There are a lot of authentic Japanese foods that can be eaten here beside sushi. You just have to try a little bit of everything.  
4.       Tokyo Disneyland- It’s the only Disney Sea in the world
5.       Shibuya Crossing- Experience the World's busiest intersection
6.       Harajuku – go here at Sunday to see the how the Japanese dress up like  Kawaii and do  Cosplay.
7.       Tokyo Imperial Palace –This place is very significant, since you will learn the history of Japan.
8.       Senso-Ji- This is the oldest temple in Tokyo.
9.       Ueno Zoo- go here if you want to see lots of Panda’s
10.   Roponggi- Experience the nightlife in Tokyo at Roponggi. Where you can find different types of bars but drinks can be very pricey

Get in Tokyo:
There are two major airports that fly to Tokyo which are. Narita and Haneda     
Narita International  Airport is 2 hours away from Tokyo.                                                                
There are four ways to go to Tokyo City Center from Tokyo:                                                                     
Easiest Way is to try the Limousine Bus to Major Hotels in Tokyo which costs about 3,100 yen that will take you 2 hours to your destination.                                                                                                  
Fastest Way is the Skyliner (bullet train) to Tokyo Station which will cost you about 1500 Yen that will
take you 45 minutes to your desired area.                                                                                             
Cheapest Way is the Keisei Limited Express to Tokyo which will cost you about 1,200 Yen that will
take you about 80 minutes  
 Most Expensive way is to take a taxi to Tokyo that will cost you about 30,000 Yen. Since Narita is far from the city.
*Best Advice would be to take the Skyliner because it’s affordable and also a convenient way to go to Tokyo then after arriving to a major train station you can take a cab and go to your hotel. 
*If you are traveling alone,and carrying big luggages, my best advise for you is to take the airport bus that will drop you directly to a major bus station near your hotel and take a cab. 
Haneda International Airport is 30 minutes away from Tokyo City Center.
Take the Tokyo Monorail which will cost you 470 Yen to reach Tokyo City Center 

Getting Around Tokyo
Try taking the train since it is easy and very convenient.
Taxis in Tokyo are very expensive.
Buy  a 3 Day  Unlimited Tokyo Metro Pass For Tourists only at   1590 YEN which is available in all train stations. 
A 1 Day Unlimited Train pass  is only 600 yen.  
Even Trains are expensive in Tokyo so Make sure to buy the unlimited Tokyo Pass in order to save more money. 
Click Here for Further Details

Shopping in Tokyo
-You should shop at Don Quijote, which is located all over Japan. This is a discount chain store where you can buy basic groceries to electronics and clothing. You can buy so many random stuff here and the prices are very affordable.
-If you are on a budget, try looking for 100 Yen Shops which are common all over Japan. You can find a lot of items from clothing, to houseware and food. If you want to buy gifts for your loved ones then this is the perfect place for you. You can buy lots of chocolates and Japanese products here which also have good quality.
If you are  looking for cheap and original sneakers / rubber shoes, go to ABC Mart, which is located all over Japan. Note that sizes of rubbershoes here are quite small. They only have asian sizes. You might get disappointed if your feet are big. 
If you  are looking for suits, then go to Aoki. You can get a suit and 2 pants for 10,000 yen which are on sale. This store is recommended for businessmen.
H&M JAPAN is also cheap in Tokyo, especially during sale season. Out of all the countries I have ever been too, H&M Japan is the cheapest. I bought 3 dresses, 3 shorts, 4 tops for only 3,000 yen which is only 1,200 pesos. Sale Prices are ranging from 100 yen, 200 yen, 300 yen, 500 yen, 1000 yen to 1,500 yen.
Bershka Japan is also cheaper compared to the ones in Manila. Look for items which are on sale
Groceries in Japan are cheaper compared to convenience stores. You can buy lots of “pasalubong” like green tea kitkat here. If you can cook inside your hotel/ apartment you can buy lots of ready to eat frozen food and microwave it.
If you want to buy quality thermal wear, buy heat tech at Uniqlo.  The thermal wear at Uniqlo is very thin and effective.
Akihabara and Shinjuku for electronics.
If you want to look for great bargains try shopping at Ameyoko Ueno. This place is where you can find a little  bit of everything from clothing, to sporting goods, golf clubs, make-up, skincare products,  to food.
There are many things to buy at the airport.
Royce is cheaper in the airport. The NAMA Chocolate will only cost you 700 Yen which is 250 Pesos. The cost of NAMA Chocolate in the Philippines is 700 pesos.   
You should buy the famous ShiroiKoibito. It’s the most famous Japanese dessert which can be only bought at the airport. 

 Sleep in Tokyo
Budget: Most of the budget hotels in Tokyo are located near Asakausa and Ueno.
If you want to meet new young people, or backpackers from all over the world, you can also book in Hostels which may cost you 2500 Yen a Night per person.  
 I advise you to rent an apartment through AIRBNB. It’s cheaper and apartments are bigger compared to hotels.
When I was in Tokyo  I booked through AIRBNB, I found  a 2 bedroom apartment for only 4000 Php a Night which can accommodate 5 persons.
 Mid-Range: Affordable hotel chains are throughout Tokyo. Chinsun and Sunroute are hotel brands which are good to stay at.  
Expensive:  Most of the 5 star hotels are located in Ginza.
*Most of the Hotels in Tokyo are very small which are only 12 sqm wide.

Eat In Tokyo
The best foods that I have ever tasted in Tokyo were not even famous. These are just hole in the wall restaurants where we found ourselves lost while traveling in Tokyo.
Most of the sushi in Tokyo is just plain and simple. They are not as creative like the ones served in the Philippines. Don’t be surprised if you cannot find any California maki or dynamite sushi. They don’t have that in Japan. 
Tsukiji Fish Market – You don’t have to wake up at 6am just to go here. The food is available anytime. My advice is trying a bit of everything. You will be overwhelmed by all of the street foods and sushi available in this Seafood Market. You just have to prepare a lot of money to have an authentic culinary experience.  
Ichiran- Best Ramen in Tokyo                                                                                           
Yoshinoya ,Sukiya&Hotomotto- These are fast food chains where you can get value for your money that are perfect for budget travelers.  You can  get a big bowl of rice with meat and other vegetables for only 500 yen.                                                                                                                                                                     
Family Mart- Try the Onigiri and Cheesecake  
Supermarkets are cheaper than convenience stores but are harder to find 
Tokyo Nightlife
Tokyo Pub Crawl- If you want to meet new friends while traveling then this will be the perfect place for you. Experience the nightlife in Tokyo by trying the Tokyo Pub Crawl. Where you get in free entrance at 5 bars, get 5 free shots and meet new people for only 1700 yen. Visit   You can book in advance  and get a discount through Peatix App.                                                                              
 Roponggi- is where the foreigners and Japanese party. This place is packed with discos, Irish pubs, bars, dance clubs, strip joints and karaoke boxes.
Try partying at Ferria Tokyo, which is a nice dance club.
Greenland- Every Tuesday they have a Ladies Night where you can have unlimited drinks for 1000 Yen all night long.
  Shibuya- is where mostly Japanese teenagers hangouts. This place mostly has dance clubs and Japanese bars.                                       
   Shinjuku-is where you can find the Japanese Red Light District. Some of these places only cater Japanese
Nationals sometimes rejects foreigners.  
  *The trains in Japan are only up till 12 midnight. So if you want to stay up late, you have to take a cab to your hotel or wait until 5am for the morning train.  
 *A night of drinking in Japan would not be complete, unless you eat Ramen after.

Tokyo Travel Tips
1.       The Best time to travel in Japan is from the 3rd week of March to the 2nd Week of April so that you can experience the Cherry BlossomsThe  Golden Week and Halloween Weekend  in Tokyo is also a must experience.
2.       Bring at least 10,000 Yen before going to Japan. Exchange rates at the airport can be quite expensive. Japan is a cash country some of the establishments might not accept your credit card. You should make it a point to bring atleast 10,000 yen per day whenever you go out.    
3.       Rent a pocket wifi. Most of the Japanese don’t know how to speak English. A pocket wifi would be a really big help in finding the coolest places around Japan.
You can view this website This website is very user friendly. It’s cheap and you will get the pocket wifi at the airport and return it also at the airport as well.
4.       Try renting an apartment through the website AirBNb. Most of the hotels in Tokyo are expensive and small. You may save a lot of money if you rent an apartment and can also accommodate big groups. Look for apartments near train station in Shinjuku or Shibuya Station.
5.       When getting train passes, get the cheapest fare and just do fare adjustment when you arrive your destination.
6.       Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world. It’s safe  to walk alone at night  and no one would harm you.
7.       Squeeze in a day for relaxation and try the Onsen. Onsen is a Japanese term for Hot Spring. This is how Japanese people relax after a tiring day. Try what the locals do, it might be awkward at first because you’re naked but if everyone is also naked then it will not be awkward anymore.  It’s very relaxing at the end.
8.       If you are leaving Tokyo, make sure to have a 4 hour allowance before your flight.  It’s is also hard to figure out how to go back to the airport. There are also many things to buy  and do at the airport.
9.       Food in Tokyo is superb. I have never eaten at any bad restarant. Everything I ate in Japan was good and affordable. You can get a meal from 500 to 1500 yen. You will be full. The food in convenience stores like family mart is also good.
10.   When going to Tsukiji Market, you don’t have to wake up at 6am. You can eat lunch there and the food will still be great. Try eating a little bit of everything so that you can have one of the most sumptuous meals of your life.
Detailed 5Days/4 Itinerary in Tokyo with Costing without Shopping 


Detailed 5Days/4 Itinerary in Tokyo with Costing without Shopping

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Actually on my second time in Tokyo, I only spent P12,000 because I stayed in my best friend's apartment and my airfare was free :) 
on my third time in Tokyo, I actually spent P40,000 since the yen increase its value to 480php=1000yen from 370php=1000yen.
The next time I will come back to Tokyo I will definitely wait for the yen to drop again. Hahahhaha


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