Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Top 10 Travel Apps

Travel is made easier with the help of these apps. I just wanted to share my top 10 favorite apps that  will help you, while traveling around the world. 
1. Sky Scanner 
This application is the best airline search site out there.  It can help you find the cheapest flights out there. They also have budget airlines in their site. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to book thru skyscanner than the main airline website. 
2. TripAdvisor
This app is very useful since you will get unbiased reviews from normal travelers like yourself. You can see suggestions on where to go, what activities to do in a place and where to eat. I love using this app since it’s applicable wherever you go. 
3. TripIt
If you’re a frequent traveler, then this app is perfect for you. This app will organize all your travel plans. You will have a record when and what time is your next flight. They can also find you alternative flights and sends real-time alerts whenever your flight is delayed.
4. Agoda
If you’re looking for the best hotel deals out there then this is the perfect app for you. They can also give discount rates on such hotels. It’s fast and they also secure with lowest rates in the market. 
5.  XE
This is the best currency converter app out there. Their rates are live and it’s very easy to use.
6.  Flight Stats
This app will help you know whether your flight is delayed or not.  It’s a free live tracking app for iphone users. 
7.  Waze
If you like renting cars whenever you’re traveling, then waze will really help you. It’s a navigation app where drivers join in around the area and let you know where there is traffic and what’s the best and fastest route to go from one place to another. 
8. AirBNB
If you want to save more money on accommodation, then AIRBNB is the perfect app for you. This app specializes on apartment leasing from a day, a month or even for a whole year. Apartment leasing can save you more money because it’s cheaper than hotels and you can also get to cook in your place. There are also houses available for rent. Every property is associated with a host whose profile has recommendation by previous guests, as well as a response rating and a private messaging system . 
9.Here Maps
This is a navigation app that will also help you find directions. The thing that I love about here maps is that maps are available offline. When you’re travelling, data roaming can be very expensive and it’s also hard to find free wifi. So this app will help you wherever you are. 
This app is suitable for budget travelers. It will help you find the best deals for hostels around the world.
Note: All of these apps are free and available in Apple Store and Google Play. 

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