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Top 15 Must Eat Street Foods From Around The World

Some of my friends travel to drink in one’s culture; others want to see places they have never seen before. One of the main reasons why I travel is to eat, particularly on the street. I think street food is where you can have an authentic experience of one’s culture. The best foods that I have ever tasted were eaten while standing up in the side streets from around the world.

There’s a Filipino saying which states that “ MasMadumi, mas masarap” or in English ” If it’s dirtier the more delicious it will be”.  Don’t be afraid of trying something new because a taste of it may change your view in life forever.

  1. Pad Thai in Thailand
Thailand is the first country of choice whenever people think of street food.  You cannot leave this country without trying their most famous dish, the Pad Thai.  Its fried noodles with bean sprouts, lime, crushed peanuts, scrambled egg and a choice of chicken, shrimp or beef.
Price: 50 Thai Baht or US$ 1  

2.       Shawarma in the Middle East
Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods.  It is made of out of shaved grilled meat with tomatoes, cucumber, and cheese, topped with some garlic sauce, wrapped in pita bread. 
Price:  US$ 1

3.       Tacos in Mexico

The most famous street food in Mexico is the Taco. Taco is a soft corn tortilla folded around with different fillings which consists of meat, vegetables and cheese.
Price: 10 Pesos or US$ 0.80

4.       Bagel with Cream Cheese  in New York City, USA 

This is the classic breakfast for the on-the go New Yorkers. Found all over the streets of New York City, Bagel is a type of bread which is formed into a ring which is usually topped with cream cheese.
Price: US $ 4
5.       Crepe in France 

Crepe is usually served hot in the streets of Paris which can fit in your hand. Crepe is a type of very thin pancake made out of wheat flour that can be topped with powdered sugar, stuffed with fruits, or packed with flavorful fillings.
Price:  5 Euros or US $6.5

6.       Oyster Cake in Hongkong and Taiwan 
This is usually found in night markets all over Hongkong and Taiwan. Oyster Cake is a deep fried omelet with oysters, different herbs and chili.
Price: HK$ 30 or US $ 4

7.       Banh Mi in Vietnam 

Banh is a Vietnamese term for all types of bread. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich which was influenced by French Colonialism, it is baguette filled with sliced meat, cheese, cilantro, fish sauce and pickled carrots.
Price: 15,000 Dong or US $ 0.75

8.       Thai Iced Tea in Thailand 

You can never leave Thailand without drinking the classic Thai milk tea served with spicy Thai dishes. This drink is made out of brewed Ceylon tea, sugar, evaporated milk and a lot of crushed ice.
Price: 10 Thai Baht or US$0.20
9.       Chicken Rice in Singapore
Hainanese Chicken Rice is Singapore’s national Dish which is located all over the hawker centers in this country. It’s a simple dish which contains poached chicken with rice and 3 types of sauces.
Price: 5 SGD or 6 USD

10.   Waffle  with Whip Cream and Chocolate Syrup on top in Belgium 
Belgian waffle is found all over the streets of Belgium . You can get them either hot or cold with whip cream and chocolate syrup on top, nutella , or even fruits. 
Price: 1 Euro

11.   Gelato (Italy)
Price: 1 Euro per Scoop or 1.1 USD

12.   Halo-halo in the Philippines 

A glass of this dessert is the perfect way to cool down a hot sunny day in the Philippines.  Halo-halo which in tagalong means mixed together is a Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved iced, evaporated milk, with beans, gelatin ,  fruits, other sweets topped with  purple yam  and flan.
Price :  25 Philippine Pesos or US $0.50
13.   Currywurst, Germany 

Currywurst is the ultimate beer food for Germans. This usually consists of fried chopped sausage with spicy tomato sauce.
Price: 3 Euro  or US $ 4
14.   Laksa in Malaysia
Laksa is popular spicy noodle soup found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. There are many types of laksa which are Curry Laksa ,AsamLaksa (tamarind) , and Sarawak Laksa(spicy w/o curry) . Laksa is made with chili, vermicelli, broth, meat, curry, egg and other spices.
Price: 5 Malaysian Ringgit or US$ 2
15.   Takoyaki in Japan

This dish is found all over the streets of Japan. Takoyaki is a ball shaped snack made out of wheat flour-based batter, minced diced octopus, ginger and green onion cooked in a Takoyaki pan.
Price: 500 Japanese Yen or US$ 5

1.       In order to find the best street food out there, there should be a queue. Always look for that queue. 

2.    Be Open-minded  

1.       In order to find the best street food out there, there should be a queue. Always look for that queue. 

2.    Be Open-minded  

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