Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Milan Day Trip

The Duomo

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel II

Inside the Duomo

Milano Grand Central Station

Milan's Fashion District

Authentic Gelato
Authentic Italian Pizza

Milan is a very small city but with so much history, fashion and food. It is also excellent for walking with such attractive tourist destinations.  When you start touring Milan, start with the more significant places like the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel II before going to the less significant ones. Most of these important places are located at the city center which is just right beside each other.  It can be easily toured within a day and you can tour it by yourself. A tour guide is not anymore necessary because Tourist places are self-explanatory. .  One must also experience to eat authentic Italian Pizza, Pasta, Raviolli and Gelato. You can find authentic restaurants in all of Milan. Prices may range from 20 to 100 Euros per person.  I recommend that you go to Milan for a day since there are only few places to visit here compared to other cities in Italy. 

.Must see Places in Milan
1.       The Duomo (Cathedral)
2.       Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II
3.       Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)
4.       Piazza Fontana
5.       Palazzo Arcivescovile (Archbishop’s Palace)
6.       Church of S. Gottardo in Corte
7.       La Scala Opera House
8.       Palazzo Marino
9.       Piazza Della Scalla
10.   The Darsena (basin) and Navigli Canals
11.   Central Station and Pirelli Skyscraper
12.   The Sforzesco Castle 

Tips in Milan:
-          Beware of your belongings because there are so many pickpockets and scammers roaming around the city.
-          Beware of the Gypsies
-          When you arrive in Milan, Get a Free Map at the airport or the train station.
-          Eat Authentic Italian Cuisine
-          Do not anymore take a guided tour.
-          You can tour Milan by yourself
-          Most of the tourist areas have a free entrance. 

Milan Day Trip Itinerary and Budget
Day 1

 Arrive Milan Central Train Station via Train
100 Euros
Go to The Duomo Train Station
Tour Around the Duomo Area
Tour Around the City and Window Shopping

Eat Some Snacks
Leave Milan

 137 Euros

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