Monday, March 24, 2014

Hanoi: The Asian Version of Paris

St. Joseph's Cathedral
Hanoi Opera House
Halong Bay 

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Hoa La Prison

Botanical Parks 

Vietnamese Cafe's with an Asian Twist

Dong Xuan Night Market 
Tam Coc

If you can’t afford to go to Paris, go to Hanoi instead. You would see so many similarities of their infrastructures which were inspired during the French Colonialism.  Hanoi has the image of Paris since it has the Hanoi Opera House, botanical parks and a St. Joseph’s Cathedral which is similar to the Notre Dame Cathedral.  

I really enjoyed our stay in Hanoi since I learned so much about Vietnam’s History. I appreciated the Vietnamese Patriotism for their Country. I have learned that the Vietnamese love their country so much that they would die for it. They are also smart and sneaky when they go into war. Vietnam is the first country that was won a war from America and France. To beat such powerful nations with modern equipment, they had just used their instinct and maximized their opportunities with their fighting skills. 

There are so many Things that I love about Hanoi. It’s visa free, the food is great, it’s much cheaper; the people are nice, they have a café culture with an Asian twist and there are a lot of things to do here. The thing that I also like about Hanoi is that it has 4 seasons. I love experiencing winter season since we don’t have that in my home country.  I would definitely go back here and I recommend you do too.

When to go?
The Best time to go to Hanoi is during the summer months from June to August so that you can enjoy the excursions like Halong Bay, Tam Coc and Sapa .
The Winter Season from December to February is also a nice time to visit since you will enjoy walking along the city and enjoy sitting around their nice parks and lake. 
Where to Eat?
 Quan An Ngon is a good  restaurant which serves Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.
 Egg Coffee at Giang Café Located in 36 Nguyen HuuHuanstreet.
Vietnam is famous for their street food, you must try it which is located at every alley.
Ice Cream at Kem Trang Tien located in 35 P Trang Tien
Where to Sleep?
You can find budget hotels near the French Quarter and the Old Quarter. If you want to stay away from the tourists you can also stay  at the West Lake 
Where to go?
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum ; HoanKiem Lake; Temple of Literature; Hanoi Opera House; Army Museum; One Pillar Pagoda; Hoa Lo Prison; St. Joseph’s Cathedral; Hanoi Ancient Citadel; Hanoi Muesum
Where to shop?
Dong Xuan Night Market which is held during  Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night from 7pm to 12 midnight that is located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. 
Hanoi Excursions
HalongBay ; Tam Coc; and Sapa.
Hanoi Travel Tips:
Get a FREE English Walking Tour Guide  Click Here
Trust me, if you want to explore Hanoi, get a free tour guide. You will learn so much about the place, their culture and their food and you will not get scammed by bogus taxis since you will have your own private free local tour guide.
When crossing the Streets, walk slowly and do not make any sudden movements. Look from left to right as cars can move from any directions.
Be careful of your belongings. Try  not to put all your important things in one place rather distribute it to your Hotel’s safety box.
Avoid using questioning taxis. Use only taxis with a brand name. ( HanoiCp Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, ABC Taxi)
Bring Cash, credit cards are not widely accepted in Vietnam. 

Hanoi  4 Day /3 Nights Itinerary and Budget
Day 1
Cost in USD
Halong Bay Day Trip  ( Hanoi Excursion )
Day 2

City Tour and Shopping
Day 3

Tam Coc   Day Trip  ( Hanoi Excursion)
Roundtrip Airfare Manila- Hanoi
Hotel Accommodation ( 3 Nights)

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