Thursday, February 13, 2014

Destination Wedding: Switzerland

Bride and Groom

Eglise de Compesiere 
My Beautiful Cousins
My Clan <3
The Groom's Side

My First ever Limo Ride
Filipinos Represent!!!
Chateau Du Coppet

Cake Cutting

Party Time

Attending a wedding in a foreign country is a really great experience. I learned how a wedding is different in from different countries. It was my first time to fly abroad for a wedding. This has a very special place in my heart since most of my relatives from different parts of the world agreed to go to my cousin’s wedding in Geneva, Switzerland. It was indeed a grand reunion for our family. I was so happy that I was part of this experience and I will not trade this for anything in the world.

It was also the longest wedding I have ever been to. The mass started at 3 in the afternoon and then ended at around 5 in the afternoon. After that we had some cocktails for about 2 hours. Then the dinner started at around 7 in the evening. We had a sit down dinner which consisted of a 5 course meal. There were so many programs during the wedding. There were presentations from the friends of the bride and groom. My family also presented a Filipino Folk dance as a gift to the bride and groom; we were also dressed in Filipinianas and Barong Tagalog. The Europeans were so thrilled at our presentation and wished that they would have also presented something like that. After all the presentations, dinner and cake cutting, the dance party started at around 1 in the morning and the wedding ended at around 3 in the morning.  

Going to a destination wedding is a way to celebrate the love of one another and it I s also another excuse to travel to a different place and experience another culture.  This experience was definitely an affair to remember since it has changed my perception and view of life and love and I would not trade this experience for anything else in the world. I hope to experience other weddings in other countries because it will change your view of different cultures, religions and social classes around the world.

Travel Tips:
Respect the culture
Wear appropriate attire
Make a budget and book 6 months in advance to save money on your ticket
Make new friends
Have fun.
When buying gifts; ask the bride/groom if they have bridal registry. In order to travel light cash can also be a good wedding gift.
Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, religions, countries and social classes

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