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H&M Shopping Guide in Europe and Asia

H&M  Rotterdam


H&M Milan

H&M Bangkok
H&M Hongkong

H&M Antwerp

Hungry Shopper

My whole outfit by H&M 

Whenever you’re  traveling abroad, shopping will definitely be a part of one’s itinerary. Especially for the Filipino culture, everyone wants to buy a piece of remembrance at a place they have visited. They also want to buy gifts or in Filipino term “pasalubong” for their love ones that they have left at home.  A traveler wants to buy things that cannot be found in one’s homeland.

 One clothing brand that is very close to my heart is H&M. Since H&M store is not available here in the Philippines I always have to stop to shop, whenever I go to any city which has an H&M Store Location. I believe that H&M is the favorite clothing brand of all Filipinos whenever they are shopping abroad.

My first encounter shopping at H&M is when I was in Hongkong. I went there during the great Hongkong Sale which happens every Last week of July till the last week of August.   I found cheap finds like shorts, pants, shoes and accessories. Prices ranged from 50 HKD to 300 HKD. I went to Hongkong during winter season and did not find any great finds because most of the clothes were for winter and since I lived in a tropical Country, I did not need any of that stuff so I did not shop at all.  I have been to  the H&M stores in Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai and Hongkong.   While H&M sale prices in Shanghai range from 30 RMB, 50 RMB, 70 RMB, 100 RMB to 150 RMB. I found out that the H&M store located in Bangkok is cheaper than the ones found in Singapore and Seoul.  My friend who works in Tokyo, told me that  when H&M goes on sale clothes are usually priced from 300 Yen to 700 Yen and that their H&M stores are usually  composed of 6 floors. Out of all the H&M stores located in Asia, that I have shopped in,  I found out the e cheapest one where you can buy good deals which are on sale  is the one in Hongkong because it's tax free. 

I have researched that H&M motherland is found in Sweden. When I went to Europe I was so excited to shop at the H&M Stores there.    The prices of H&M stores may vary across Europe because of Exchange rates of countries which are not part the Schengen Area. Prices differed in countries like Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, France and Belgium.  I must advice you that if you want to shop at the H&M stores here the perfect time would be during the summer months which is from July to August. Since most of the locals are out travelling outside Europe, most of the students are out travelling outside Europe with their families. I found good deals in which ranged from 1 Euro to 15 Euros.

My goal was to shop at every H&M store in a every city in Europe I went through. My budget was 15 Euros per store. My first encounter was the H&M in Milan; I found the H&M store here very nice and looked for great finds. My next stop was the H&M store located in Geneva; I found that this is one of the cheapest H&M stores because of the conversion rate. I bought shorts for 3 CHF, when I went to Paris the price was 5 Euros. Because of the cheaper conversion rate of CHF, I found out that one of the cheapest H&M stores was located in Paris. My next stop was in Paris.  There H&M is quite big and I found Nice dresses which has costs me 5 to 7 Euros Each. After Paris, I went to shop at Oslo, Norway.  The cheapest H&M in all over Europe is located in Oslo, Norway.  I shopped for blouses for 10 Norwegian Krone. I thought that the cheapest would be in Sweden.  But I was wrong; this may be because of the conversion rate.  Then I went to the H&M store in Rotterdam which prices were the same. I found some bikinis worth 2 Euros.  The H&M in Antwerpen, Belgium is also one of the cheapest inside the Schengen Area, since I went to look for summer clothes which ranged from 5 to 10 Euros.  After shopping in all of the H&M stores in the cities I have been to, my luggage gained an extra 10 kilos of H&M clothing.  I have only spent 180 Euros for all of it.

I had fun in quest in finding the cheapest H&M store in the Eurozone. To conclude, I found out that the Cheapest H&M store is located in Oslo, Norway.   Prices may vary due to different conversion rates of different countries. The best time to shop is during the summer months. Sale Prices may vary from 2 to 15 Euros.   You can find bikinis which are worth 2 Euros a single piece, shorts may vary from 3 to 7 Euros, and Dresses can be worth 5 to 15 Euros.  You can find flats from 5 to 10 Euros, tops from 4 to 10 Euros, Blazers from 7 to 15 Euros, and denim Pants ranges from 8 to 15 Euros.

Everything in Europe is expensive except for H&M. This is my favourite brand whenever I go out of the country. One of the reasons why I travel abroad, is to shop at H&M. The clothes here are quite nice, wearable and very affordable.

For More information:
Price Range in Europe: 2 Euros to 50 Euros
Price in Asia: 3 USD to 50 USD

Shopping Tips:
-          Shop during the summer months July to August (advice for people who live in Tropical countries)
-          Look for Items which are on Sale
- You can get the best bargains during the end of the season sale.


  1. H&M is lalalalove

  2. In Amsterdam there are H&M almost in every street corner. My daughter spent hours in one of the shops. Good thing H&M is not yet here in the Phils.

    1. I'm so happy there is no H&M store here in the PHils or else my whole salary will go to H&M. hehhehehe I even went crazy over the H&M at Rotterdam