Thursday, July 4, 2013

My TOP 10 Must Eats Before You Graduate DLSU Manila

If you have a 2 hour or a 6 hour break time ; this is the chance where you can eat at these suggested restaurants along Taft Avenue.  These are the usual must tries of almost every La Sallian. I believe that before you graduate you must eat or hang out in all of these places. 

1.Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

Price:  Bacsilog for P60; Hotsilog for P 60 and Iced Milo for P15
Location: Fidel Reyes St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark:  Agno in front of Gokongwei Building
Must Try: Bacsilog with cheese and knorr ;Hotsilog; Iced Milo  

2.Burgers and Fruit shakes at NOMIMONO  Refreshment Bar   
Nomi Burger Meal A

Price: Burger Meal A ( Burger + Fries + Iced Tea) for P90 to P150                                                                                  
Burger Meal B (Burger + Chicken Tenders +Iced Tea) for P120 to P180                                                                
Burger Meal C( Burger + Fish Fillet + Iced Tea) for P125 to P180                                                                    
Regular Fruit Shake with Coco for P55                                                                                                                    
Large Fruit Shake with Coco for P70
Location: Fidel Reyes St. Malate Manila                                                                                                             
Nearest Landmark: In front of Agno BesideGokongwei Building                                                                               
Must Try: Buffalo Chicken Burger; Chicken Tender’s; Mango with Coconut Fruit Shake  

3.Chicken Wings  and Wicked Oreo’s at Flaming Wings
2 Wings + Blue Cheese Dip

Price:  Wing Meal (2 wings + dip+ rice+ drink)   for P125;
          Tenders Meal (chicken tenders +dip +rice + drink) for P125;
           Wicked Oreos P75; Warm Brownie Alamode P104
Location: 1st floor Archers Nook Taft Avenue                                                                                                              
Nearest Landmark: beside Army Navy                                                                                                                                       
Must Try: Chicken Wings Meal (Original Flavor with Honey Mustard Dip; Ranch Dip or Blue Cheese Dip); Chicken Tenders (Smoky BBQ with Honey Mustard; Ranch or Blue Cheese); Wicked Oreos; Warm Brownie Alamode
4.The Famous SEx’s Tapsilog (Sinangag Express)
SEx's Tapsilog

Price: Tapsilog for P65; Tosilog for P65  andTokwa’tBaboy
Location:  Sinangag Express Restaurant 877 Dagohoy St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark: near Eng Gate
Must  Try: Tapsilog; TosilogBangsilog; and Tokwa’tBaboy

French Toast
5. Flavored Mojo’s with dip  and French Toast at Animo Canteen

Price: Flavored Mojos P30; French Toast P25                                                                                                   
Location: Animo Canteen      
Nearest Landmark: South Gate                                                                                                                                 
Must Try: Sourcream Mojo’s with Honey Mustard dressing; Ham & Cheese French Toast;                               
Tuna French Toast
6.Grilled Porterhouse and T-Bone with unlimited gravy at Rap Steaks and Cakes
Grilled  Portehouse 

Price:  Porterhouse for P163; TBone for P153; Chicken Lollipop for P128
Location: 878 Dagohoy St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark: beside SEx
Must Try: Porterhouse; T bone; Chicken Lollolipop and Salpicao

7. Beef Stroganoff at Ate Em’s

Price: Beef Stroganoff for P85
Location:   Agno at Fidel Reyes St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark: Infront of Gokongwei Building
Must Try: Beef Stroganoff; Chicken Ala king 

8.Grilled Burger at Zark’s
Zark's Ultimate Burger 

Price: Black Mamba for P125; Ultimate Burger for P130; King James Tomahawk for P95l;
Add P20 for fries and Drinks
Location: 2nd Floor Archer’s Nook, 2464 Taft Avenue
Nearest Landmark: In front of Rice in a Box
Must Try: Ultimate Burger;  King James Tomahawk; Black Mamba; Tapout; El Loko Baka
*Zark’s Burger is also famous for their Burger Challenge called Tombstone.The challenge  will require you to finish a two pound cheeseburger with 200 grams of fries within five minutes and it’s free; if not you will have to pay P500. Participants will also have a chance to get their picture taken at their Wall of Fame or Shame. 
9.Beef Salpicao at Celdy’s Kitchen

Beef Salpicao
Price: Beef Salpicao for P129; Picadillo for P69; Fish Fillet for P105                                                                                                                           
Location: 1st floor Egi Taft Bldg Taft Avenue                                                                                                               
Nearest Landmark: Agno                                                                                                                                          
Must Try: Beef Salpicao; Picadillo; Fish Fillet 

10.Kimbab at Mashitta Korean & Japanese Cuisines

Price: Fried Kimbab for P105; Eggroll Kimbab for P115 ;Japche for P105; Omurice for P95                                   
Location: 2nd Floor University Mall, Taft Avenue Manila                                                                                                    
Nearest Landmark: beside Big Better Burger                                                                                                        
Must Try: Fried Kimbab; Eggroll Kimbab; Japche; Omurice

This blog post is dedicated to my favorite people in DLSU my barkada and roommates 

This blog post is dedicated to my favorite people in DLSU my barkada and roommates 

We did it  gang !   My Barkada since Frosh <3

My Condomates at Torre Lorenzo <3


  1. i miss the mojos and French toast. they no longer sell the same stuff there now :-/

    - ID105