Thursday, July 4, 2013

My TOP 10 Must Eats Before You Graduate DLSU Manila

If you have a 2 hour or a 6 hour break time ; this is the chance where you can eat at these suggested restaurants along Taft Avenue.  These are the usual must try’s of almost every La Sallian. I believe that before you graduate you must eat or hang out in all of these places.

1.Ate Rica’s Bacsilog
Price:  Bacsilog for P60; Hotsilog for P 60 and Iced Milo for P15
Location: Fidel Reyes St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark:  Agno in front of Gokongwei Building
Must Try: Bacsilog with cheese and knorr ; Hotsilog; Iced Milo  

2.Burgers and Fruit shakes at NOMIMONO  Refreshment Bar   
Nomi Burger Meal A

Price: Burger Meal A ( Burger + Fries + Iced Tea) for P90 to P150                                                                                  
Burger Meal B (Burger + Chicken Tenders +Iced Tea) for P120 to P180                                                                
Burger Meal C( Burger + Fish Fillet + Iced Tea) for P125 to P180                                                                    
Regular Fruit Shake with Coco for P55                                                                                                                    
Large Fruit Shake with Coco for P70
Location: Fidel Reyes St. Malate Manila                                                                                                             
Nearest Landmark: In front of Agno Beside Gokongwei Building                                                                               
Must Try: Buffalo Chicken Burger; Chicken Tender’s; Mango with Coconut Fruit Shake

3.Chicken Wings  and Wicked Oreo’s at Flaming Wings
2 Wings + Blue Cheese Dip

Price:  Wing Meal (2 wings + dip+ rice+ drink)   for P125;
          Tenders Meal (chicken tenders +dip +rice + drink) for P125;
           Wicked Oreos P75; Warm Brownie Alamode P104
Location: 1st floor Archers Nook Taft Avenue                                                                                                              
Nearest Landmark: beside Army Navy                                                                                                                                       
Must Try: Chicken Wings Meal (Original Flavor with Honey Mustard Dip; Ranch Dip or Blue Cheese Dip); Chicken Tenders (Smoky BBQ with Honey Mustard; Ranch or Blue Cheese); Wicked Oreos; Warm Brownie Alamode
4.The Famous SEx’s Tapsilog
SEx's Tapsilog

Price: Tapsilog for P65; Tosilog for P65  and Tokwa’t Baboy
Location:  Sinangag Express Restaurant 877 Dagohoy St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark: near Eng Gate
Must  Try: Tapsilog; Tosilog Bangsilog; and Tokwa’t Baboy

French Toast
5. Flavored Mojo’s with dip  and French Toast at Animo Canteen

Price: Flavored Mojos P30; French Toast P25                                                                                                   
Location: Animo Canteen      
Nearest Landmark: South Gate                                                                                                                                 
Must Try: Sourcream Mojo’s with Honey Mustard dressing; Ham & Cheese French Toast;                               
Tuna French Toast

6.Grilled Porterhouse and T-Bone with unlimited gravy at Rap Steaks and Cakes
Grilled  Portehouse 

Price:  Porterhouse for P163; TBone for P153; Chicken Lollipop for P128
Location: 878 Dagohoy St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark: beside SEx
Must Try: Porterhouse; T bone; Chicken Lollolipop and Salpicao

7. Beef Stroganoff at Ate Em’s

Price: Beef Stroganoff for P85
Location:   Agno at Fidel Reyes St. Malate Manila
Nearest Landmark: Infront of Gokongwei Building
Must Try: Beef Stroganoff; Chicken Ala king 

8.Grilled Burger at Zark’s
Zark's Ultimate Burger 

Price: Black Mamba for P125; Ultimate Burger for P130; King James Tomahawk for P95l;
Add P20 for fries and Drinks
Location: 2nd Floor Archer’s Nook, 2464 Taft Avenue
Nearest Landmark: In front of Rice in a Box
Must Try: Ultimate Burger;  King James Tomahawk; Black Mamba; Tapout; El Loko Baka
*Zark’s Burger is also famous for their Burger Challenge called Tombstone.The challenge  will require you to finish a two pound cheeseburger with 200 grams of fries within five minutes and it’s free; if not you will have to pay P500. Participants will also have a chance to get their picture taken at their Wall of Fame or Shame. 

9.Beef Salpicao at Celdy’s Kitchen

Beef Salpicao
Price: Beef Salpicao for P129; Picadillo for P69; Fish Fillet for P105                                                                                                                           
Location: 1st floor Egi Taft Bldg Taft Avenue                                                                                                               
Nearest Landmark: Agno                                                                                                                                          
Must Try: Beef Salpicao; Picadillo; Fish Fillet

10.Kimbab at Mashitta Korean & Japanese Cuisines

Price: Fried Kimbab for P105; Eggroll Kimbab for P115 ; Japche for P105; Omurice for P95                                   
Location: 2nd Floor University Mall, Taft Avenue Manila                                                                                                    
Nearest Landmark: beside Big Better Burger                                                                                                        
Must Try: Fried Kimbab; Eggroll Kimbab; Japche; Omurice

This blog post is dedicated to my favorite people in DLSU my barkada and roommates 

We did it  gang !   My Barkada since Frosh <3

My Condomates at Torre Lorenzo <3


  1. i miss the mojos and French toast. they no longer sell the same stuff there now :-/

    - ID105