Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frozen Norwegian Shrimps

I will never forget the first time I’ve tasted Frozen Norwegian Shrimps fresh from the sea. I have tasted so many shrimps in different countries but this is by far the best Shrimps I have ever tasted. It was so fresh and so heavenly that you will be wanting for more; even if it was just half cooked. It was my first trip to Bergen, Norway when my Uncle Rune brought us to the city centre where we bought ½ kilos of Shrimp which costs about 300 Norwegian Krone. We ate the shrimps by the bay and threw away the skin of the shrimps at the bay so that the birds will eat it. This is a Norwegian way of recycling things so that it would not turn into garbage. Eating Frozen Norwegian Shrimps is a must try experience when you go to Norway. 

Price: 300 Norwegian Krone for every 1/2 Kilo
Where to Buy: Fish Market at the City Center in Bergen, Norway

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