Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Food Tripping in Belgium

‘”To eat ethnic food in the place that gave life, and to immerse oneself in the history and culture of that place, can transform an otherwise mundane meal into an extraordinary experience. “
( Benning  J, 2010)
Belgian Waffles
Belgian Fries
Belgian Chocolates
Shawarma ( Lebanese Cuisine)


the streets of Bruges

Belgian Fries in Bruges

a very satisfied customer

Belgium is famous for its many types of cuisines. I really enjoyed my stay here in Belgium since we ate authentic Belgian Waffles, Belgian Fries and Belgian Chocolates.

Most of the Cuisines that I tried were from random restaurants, cafes and food stand ups. I did not anymore research on what would be the best one since I think it is all the same, so I picked the restaurant/ cafe which will be convenient for my walking. Luckily all of the foods that I have tasted were really good.
While walking in the shopping district of Antwerp, Belgium, I decided to try the some authentic Belgian Waffle. The taste of it was really mouthwatering. I cannot describe the feeling since it tastes really good nothing compared to the ones served in the cafes here in the Philippines. There was a caramel filling inside the hot waffles and this was also covered with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  That will only cost you 2 Euros each waffle.  After trying some authentic Belgian Waffles, I then decided to go to Bruges.

Going around streets of Bruges can be quite confusing since most of the people around the area are tourists. There are few Belgians who live in Bruges. Most of them are the ones who work in the tourist centres, hotels, and restaurants.  While walking in the main street of Bruges, you will be mesmerized by the free taste of chocolates. You will be surprised by what kind of chocolate you will get. Every bite is a mystery, some tastes good, some tastes bad and some are just tastes like extra ordinary. I think that the phrase “life is like a box of chocolates” came from the Belgian Chocolate Industry. Since every box consists of 15 different chocolates with every bit of surprise. You don’t even need to buy chocolates because you will get full with the free tastes you get there.

I also tried some authentic Belgian Fries which was covered with a special tartar sauce. The fries were nothing special but the sauce was really good. The only thing I hated about it was its big serving since I cannot finish the whole order. But the fries really tasted good and it will only cost you about 3 Euros.

Come dinner time we left Bruges and had misfortunes in our trip since our train got delayed we stayed at the Antwerpen Centrale Station for 2 hours. We decided to eat dinner at the streets of Antwerpen.  My brother told me that the best shawarma that he has ever tasted was the one in Europe. So I decided to eat in a Lebanese Restaurant. The restaurant ambience was really nice and it was located in the heart of the shopping district of Antwerpen. They have big servings. The meal can be eaten by two people. I feel that it was the best Shawarma that I have ever tasted since they have so many condiments and it was also served with 5 different types of sauces. This will only cost you 5 Euros per meal. It was the cheapest and the best bargain I have ever eaten in my whole Euro Trip.

Belgian Waffles
Price: 2 Euros per piece
Address: Can be found all over Belgium’s Shopping Districts
Tel: +32 (0)

Shawarma ( Lebanese Cuisine)
Price: 5 to 10 Euros per meal
Address: Appelmansstraat 18- 2018 Antwerpen
Tel: 03 23 1 21 33

Belgian Chocolates
Price: 5 Euros for every 250 Grams
Tel: 050/34.97.47
Address: Katelijnestraat 22, Bruges


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