Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lantau Island: Ngong Ping Village

Po Lin Monastery

Giant Buddha ( Tian Tan)
Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car
Ngong Ping

A few people don’t know this place in Hongkong. This place is like China’s version of the Muslim’s Mecca. Before they die they must go here to visit their God’s Temple and pray there. There are two ways to go to this place. The 1st way is a cable car ride which takes you 20 to 30 minute ride 1 way. A roundtrip ticket will cost you about HKD 125 per adultHKD 62 per child; and HKD 98 for seniors. The good thing about the cable car ride is that you will see the whole view of Hongkong and its world class airport. The other way is through hiking which will take you 2 to 3 hours. The good thing about it is that is that there is a hiking trail which is safe and it is also free.  My cousin told me that hiking is the new thing in Hongkong. It is not that tiring if you go hiking during the winter season since it is very cold.

There are lot of things to see in Ngong Ping which are the Giant Buddha, the world’s tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. When you reach the end of the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride you will enter the Ngong Ping Village, a culturally themed village which is at the Ngong Ping Plateau.  There are two main attractions at this village which are Walking with Buddha and Monkey’s Tale Theatre. You can also find many shops and restaurants to dine here. 

NgongPing  is not your mainstream destination in Hongkong .  Most of the tourists just go to Hongkong for shopping at their favorite branded stores or just see Hongkong Disneyland and Ocean Park. This place should be a major tourist destination since you will learn more about Hongkong’s culture and religion after visiting this destination. 

Ngong Ping  is located in Lantau Island. The Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal is located beside the City Gate Outlet Mall near Tung Chung Train Station which is just 5 minutes away from Hongkong Airport. 

Ngong Ping 
Operating Hours: Weekdays 10am to 6pm; Weekends 9am to 6:30pm 
Getting There: 
-Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station, then take the Ngong Ping Cable Car ride near City Gate Outlet Mall
-Take a Taxi or Ride a Bus E11 to E42

Mi Familia

with the Morais Family

Ngong Ping Village
Cable Car
at the cable car

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