Monday, April 9, 2012

Restaurante Fernando, Macau: Craving for more Portuguese Food !!!!

The Free Bread and Beer  ( a perfect combination)
Portugal Flag and Money Collection

1st part of the restaurant
2nd part of the restaurant

I have eaten so many cuisines in many places in the world: dimsum in Hongkong, Pad Thai in Bangkok, Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Taipei, Bibimbap in Seoul and Hainanese Chicken in Singapore; yet whenever I think of a unique cuisine I always think of Portuguese Food. It’s not your mainstream type of cuisine, since it is not very popular like American, Italian and Chinese food here in the Philippines. 
Portuguese Chorizo

It was my first time to eat this kind of food that is really different from what I have ever tasted. The food at Fernando’s Restaurant at Coloane,Macau was surprisingly delicious. It’s not because that I have not been to Portugal that is why I don’t know anything about Portuguese food, but I thought that it would be very similar to Spanish Cuisine but it isn’t. 
Grilled Fresh Sardines

Roasted Suckling Pig ( Best Seller)


Fernando’s is a classic restaurant specializing in Portuguese Food popular throughout Macau. You know what they always say: “If you visited Macau and didn’t go to Fernando’s, you didn’t really visit Macau.” I and my family ordered various dishes like Sardines, Chorizo, Porkchop, and Peking Duck. The food is quite expensive but it is worth every penny spent. After eating at this Restaurant, I assure you that you will be craving for authentic Portuguese Food and wish that they will branch out to your country.

 For  Interested Participants kindly contact the number below:
Restaurante Fernando
Praia de Hac Sa, N9,Macau
Operating Hours: 12 noon to 9:30 pm 
Tel: (+853) 882264, 882531, 882693
Map to Fernando's Resturant Macau:
Directions : Take Bus Number : 26 or 26 A Hac Sa / 21A Hac Sa/ 25 Hac Sa

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