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DIY Guide: 6D/5N Zhangjiajie Tour for less than ¥ 2,100 RMB / ₱ 16,000

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Avatar Mountain Selfie

Most Dangerous Road on Earth (Tianmen Mountain)

Tainmen Mountain Cable Car Ride

Tianmen Mountain Glass Bridge

Tianmen Mountain Escalator

Sleeper Train 

Tianmen Mountain
Glass Bridge

Where to Go?
The Three Main Attractions 
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park  
Entrance Fee:  260 RMB  (entrance fee for 4 days)          
Inclusions: Entrance Fee to the park, bus rides but does not include cable car fares, and elevator rides                       
Cable Car : 72 RMB One Way   
Elevator:  72 RMB  One Way    
How to go?: Take A Bus from Zhangjiajie to Wulingyuan which typically cost 20 RMB.  This trip usually takes 1 hour from the main train station of Zhangjiajie. 
Travel Tips: You can ride the cable car or elevator going up to the mountains then hike going down to enjoy the view. The hike here is very safe since there are stairs going down, signs and  resting stops for tourists where you can buy snacks and drinks.                                                                                                                         
Tianmen Mountain
Entrance Fee: 260 RMB does not include entrance to the  4 glass bridges
Glass Bridge Entrance Fee: 5 RMB      
Inclusions:  Entrance Fee, Cable Car Roundtrip,  Escalator,  and Bus Ride 
How To go?: This will be your first stop to Zhangjiajie. The cable car is beside the Zhangjiajie Main train Station
*Tianmen Mountain will be the easiest hike among the three mountains. Since you can either ride a cable car going up, bus, or even an escalator which is already part of the entrance fee. 

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
Entrance Fee:    260 RMB                                 
Inclusions:   Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Glass Bridge Entrance fee does not include cable car ride for 35 rmb 
Travel Tip: You can go here without going up to the bridge and just pay 99 RMB
How to go?:  Take a bus from Wulingyuan for only 10 RMB. This  bus ride usually takes up 30 minutes from the city. 

How to go to Zhangjiajie?
By Bullet Train: Take a sleeper train from Guangzhou Main terminal. This train ride will take up to 15 hours which costs about 620 RMB roundtrip. 

By Airplane: There are also planes going to Zhangjiajie from the different major cities of China. This can be very expensive since there are few budget airlines going here.

Where to Stay?
Hotel Travel Tips :
1. Stay 1 Night at the city of Zhangjiajie Near the Zhangjiajie Train Station to enjoy one day hiking at Tianmen Mountain. Then Stay 2-3 nights at Wulingyuan.  It’s quite hard to stay inside the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, since hotels can be very expensive and food can be quite pricey. 
2. The hostels here are very clean and nice usually costs 80 to 120 RMB A night for 2 persons.  
3 You can reserve on websites such as Agoda.com and Booking.com   
4. Hotels/ Hostels usually accept cash and Wechat payment and Alipay.
Dingding Inn-  This place is near the  Zhangjiajie Main train station also near the cable car entrance to Tainmen Mountain  and restaurants. Room is very big and clean. I just didn’t like the bathroom because it was Asian Style  
Price :  The room costs starts from 88 RMB to 120 RMB a night for 2 persons. 
Wulingyuantuniu Youth Hostel- This place is in Wulingyuan City which is near the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park entrance. This place is beside a lot of hostels and restaurants. The rooms are big and very clean and their bathroom is Western Style                                                                     
Price: The room costs starts from 100 RMB to 130 RMB a night a night for 2 persons. 

Zhangjiajie Travel Tips
1. Travel with a friend who knows how to speak Mandarin. It will be easier since most people from Mainland don't know how to speak English.
2. It’s better to travel with a local so you can pay using their Wechat App 
3. Book your train tickets in advanced.
4. Book your train ticket with a bed. Train tickets usually get fully booked all the time. If you don't book online in advance you might even get without a seat 
5. Bring your passport with you at the train station.
6. China is a very advanced country, they usually accept payment via Wechat App.
7. Go to the train station an hour before your trip. 
8.Bring Cash (RMB), since most establishments don't accept Visa / MasterCard debit or credit cards. They usually accept credit cards from China and Wechat payments only.
9. Download MeituanWaimai App to order food online to save more money.
10. Food and Water can be very expensive in tourist’s spots, better buy first at the grocery to save more money on snacks.
11. Best time to travel this place is from August to October.              
12. When paying entrance fee in Tainmen Mountain,  You don’t have to buy the 3 RMB insurance, if you  already have travel insurance of your own.  
13. You will save more money and time in hotel accommodation if you take the overnight train ride from  Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie.     
14. You can leave at night and arrive in the Morning.
15. Ticket prices may adjust depending on where you buy it.
16. You can bring snacks and even food when you’re hiking up to the mountains.
17. Don't go there when it's rainy, since you will not see anything.  

Detailed DIY  6 Days/ 5 Nights  Zhangjiajie Itinerary with Costing

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