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DIY Guide: Manjuyod Sandbar for less than 1000 PHp

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Manjuyod Sandbar Rainy Season 

My Friends
I went to this Sandbar 10 years ago and it was so beautiful. The sand was white and the beach was so perfect. I just watched a youtube video titled  "Maldives of the Philippines"and decided to go back here and experience this place again. Sadly when I went back here last November 2016, my expectations did not meet when I was there. Probably because it just rained, so the sand was not white compared to the youtube video. The sandbar I saw was quite dirty. I hope that tourists could clean up their trash and not leave any of it at the beach. 

My advice to you it to do some research of tide times for Dumaguete. I first read other blogs about Manjuyod and the information there was quite outdated. I read that the Low Tide was from 6am to 9am, but when I asked the tourism office the low tide changed to 9am to 11am. The low tide has changed maybe because of climate change.

My friends and I didn't have enough time since we had to go to Siquijor in the afternoon. We decided to not see the dolphins anymore. The first time I went here, my family and I waited for 2 hours and didn't see any dolphins. My advice for you to just see the dolphins at the Ocean park and have more time to spend at the sandbar. We had few time to spare but still had fun. I still recommend that you visit this place, preferably on summer. 

1.       Bring speakers and sunblock.
2.       Go here during summer season.  I went here during the rainy season and the sand wasn’t aswhite as I expected it to be.
3.       Bring Aqua shoes.
4.       Book a boat in advance on peak season.
5.       If it’s low season you can just ask anyone to get a boat. You don’t need to reserve.
6.       Buy groceries and ice at the Public Market.
7.       You can eat breakfast at Jollibee  before going to ManjuyodSandbard
8.       Do your own research on what time is the High tide and Low tide.
9.       Before the Low tide is from 6am to 9am. And 4pm to 6pm.
Due to Climate Change, we went there during Low tide which was from 9am to 11am.
10.   I don’t advise you to see the Dolphins anymore since I waited for like 2 hours and did not see any  dolphins.
In my opinion, I should have just watched the Dolphins at the Ocean Park, in order to save more time. 
11. Create a Travel fund for you and your friends. For Example Donate 500 Each to the fund and one peson will be the treasurer and she will pay all the group expenses  so that all of your money will not be jumbled. 

Cost in PHP
Depart Dumaguete City Proper. Take a Ceres Ordinary Bus  (non-aircon)
Arrive Bais Town Center

Buy Groceries, Lunch and Drinks at the Bais Public Market

(Liempo 200, Squid 200, Bangus 200, Rice 100, Condiments 100, Uling 50, Softdrinks 50,Mineral Water 50, Ice 20, Paper Plates 20, Spoon and Fork 10) 1000/4 pax
Take a Tricycle from Bais Town Proper to the Pier

Rent a Boat to Manjuyod Sandbar (2500/4 pax)
(Small Boat =P2,500) Includes Roundtrip Boatride, Dolphin Watching, “Paluto”, RT Tricycle
Arrive Manjuyod Sandbar

Swim, Chill and Relax

Eat Fresh Sea Urchin (50/4 pax)
Lunch  (Paluto= Free)

Leave Manjuyod SandBar

Depart Bais Town Proper. Ride a Ceres Ordinary Bus
Arrive Dumaguete City Proper

Total Cost per Person

Manjuyod White Sand Bar
Address: Brgy: Campuyo, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental
Manjuyod Tourism Office
Contact Info: +63919 448 2950/ +6335 404 1136
Bais Tourism Office
Contact Info: +6335402 8838/ +63917 300 5945
Boat Rental: 
BIg Boat 2500/Day  can accommodate 15 pax Inclusive of Tricycle, boat ride, sandbar, bird sanctuary, dolphin and mangrove forest tour.
Small Boat 1500/ Day can accommodate 5 pax  Inclusive of Tricycle, boat ride, sandbar, bird sanctuary, dolphin and mangrove forest tour.

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