Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top 6 24/7 Coffee Shops with Free Wi-Fi in Metro Manila

When I was in College, me and my dorm mates loved to study in coffee shops  because our room was too messy to study. We liked to study till 6 in the morning and cram for our midterms and finals. We used to join our higher batch friends who study medicine and law in coffee shops. I just want to share to a list of open 24/7 coffee shops with good and most of all FREE Wi-Fi around the city. 

1., Hotel Jen, Pasay City
This place is very quiet and nice place for studying. Their Wi-Fi is free and reliable. Food  is a bit pricey but their coffee is affordable.

2. Bo’s Coffee Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

This place is full of UP law students during night time. They serve good coffee and delicious snacks and pastries. Their internet is fast. They generously give out 2 hour coupons to all of their customers.  They have a lot of outlets for charging your laptops and phones. The coffee shop has 3 floors. The first 2 floors are airconditioned while the 3rd floor is open for smoking customers.  

The only thing that I didn’t like about the place was that it was quite dirty during the wee hours. There were no busboys cleaning the coffee shop at 3am. We cleaned the previous customer’s trash so that we could occupy their seat.

3. Seattle’s Best Valero St , Makati City
This is actually one of my favorite coffee shops in Makati. The drinks and food are affordable. The internet is fast and most of all it’s near my school. Seattle’s Valero has a nice and very conducive place for studying. The coffee shop is small but they have a lot of outlets and a smoking room.  The baristas usually hand out  wi-fi coupon to their customers. Once coupon expires you can always get another one.  

4. Café U.K, P. NovalSampaloc St. , Manila
This is a very nice café. They serve affordable desserts at student prices. They have fast Wi-Fi and  there are also a lot of outlets available for charging.

5. Café Belle West Avenue , Quezon City
This coffee shop is a bit old. They have affordable coffee and food. Internet is fast but ambience is not that great and their restrooms are not that clean.

 6.Z hostel’ Café, Makati City
Their café is nice for meetings. Affordable food and offer free wifi. You cannot study here but after a busy meeting you can party at the top of their rooftop bar which is till 4am.  

Note: There are few coffee shops around  the metro  that  are also open 24/7 but does not offer free internet. To name a few would be Starbucks Valero, Starbucks Teleperformance,  & Starbucks BGC.
*Another coffee shop that has reliable wifi but is only open till 1am is at Coffee Empire, West Avenue.
*There are also fast food chains around the metro which offer free wifi and are also open 24.7. They may not have ambiance for studying but I see a few med and law students that study here. To name a few are
Shakey’s  (Katipunan, Centris, & Makati Ave)
Dunkin Donut (Pearl Drive Fairview&  Gilmore)
Burger King ( Espana& Panay)

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