Monday, June 20, 2016

Bahamas Cruise for only $300

It was my first time ever to experience a cruise and luckily I got it for a very affordable price. I only spent $200USD for a 4 Days 3 Night Cruise From Miami to The Bahamas via  Royal Caribbean Cruises.  I got it at a discount at a travel expo in Manila. Taking this cruise trip is truly worth the money.  You only have to pay $200 for accommodation and unlimited food and drinks with the use of the Ship’s amenities. The food in the cruise was excellent and world class. You can choose to do a buffet or a sit down whichever your choice. I prefer the sit down menu as food is more formal and more specialized and you get to be fancy even just for a few days. 

Our ship went first to the Bahamas Private Island. The Cruise Company owns one of the islands in the Bahamas where guest can freely sit down, swim and chill at the private beach. The beach has white sand but is quite rocky.  It’s a nice beach but I have seen better especially the ones that are located in my home country. It’s private but is still crowded because all of the guests were at the beach.  They brought grilled food which has unlimited buffet.  On the 2nd Day of the Cruise we went to the Mainland of the Bahamas Island which is in Nassau. Nassau is where you can see old colorful houses, the Atlantis Resort and other Historical Sites. We rode a taxi for $5USD each that took us to the Atlantis Resort. It was just sad that in order to get into the main hotel we had to pay like $200 to the main resort.  We had a lot of fun roaming around Nassau because we got to experience the Authentic Bohemian Culture and got to meet locals, eat their food and learn a little bit of their history.  On our Last day of our Cruise Trip we just enjoyed the boat and get the experience the cruise night. The cruise night is where crew ship employees show off their presentations to the guest. This is such a fun and entertaining night because guests will also dance along the night. 

Taking a cruise trip is worth it.  It’s very convenient, since you only have to pay once for your food, tour and accommodation. There are a lot of things to do in the ship like watch a play, swimming, exercising, wall climbing, partying and dining at the same time. You should try it once in your life.

Bahamas Travel Tips
1.     Bring Mineral Water. Drinks at Cruises can be very expensive.
2.     Wifi at Cruises are not free
3.     Shore Excursions can be very expensive. You can try to do it yourself by and just take a cab when you get into the pier. You can also rent a car and do the tour by yourself
4.        Bring swim wear for the beach, exercise wear for the gym and formal clothing for the Cruise Night and the fine dining restaurant.
5.          Relax, Enjoy, Make Friends and Have Fun. 
6.      Book in Advance! I got my a 4D/3N Bahamas package for as low as 190 USD.
7.      There are many ways to go to Bahamas via cruise you can choose ports in Florida. You can choose from Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, and Miami.
8.      I got a cheap flight from New York to Miami for only 80 USD since I booked 6 months before the trip.
9.     You must have a US Multiple Entry Visa or an OECD passport to go to Bahamas.

Cost in USD
Round trip ticket from New York to Miami Airport
Taxi From Miami Airport to Miami Port
4 Days/ 3 Nights Bahamas Cruise 
Food and Drinks Included in the Cruise Package
 Round Trip Taxi to Atlantis Hotel
Taxi to from Miami Port to Miami Airport
Total Cost for a Bahamas Cruise
300 USD

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