Monday, November 2, 2015

Wawa Dam Day Trip Adventure Under P500


Wawa Dam
Cam whoring at Wawa Dam
Andok's Lunch

Are you looking for a budget friendly adventure with your best friend, but don’t have enough time.?  Do you live near commonwealth area or in Quezon City? Well, Wawa Dam Adventure is the best advice for you.

My friend and I were planning to go to the beach, but I didn’t wake up early. So our plan failed. I googled places to visit near Manila and saw Wawa Dam and realize that it was just near our houses. I was so lazy to walk to my best friend’s place and I decided to take an Uber. Then I told my driver that I will go to Wawa Dam. My driver told me that he lives there and told me also that uber was available in that area. That was so convenient because we actually didn’t want to commute or drive. 

I arrived at my friend’s place at around 8:30 in the morning and told her that uber was available in  Wawa Dam. We first bought our lunch at Andok’s near my friend’s place. Then decided to go back to her house and get an uber from her place so that there’s free wifi. We took an uber then after 30 minutes we arrived at Wawa Dam and we were so amazed that our ride was so cheap it was only 178PHp, we took a split fare so it was only 89  per person. 

I and my friend were too lazy to hike so we just decided to just eat lunch here while having a nice view. We rented a cabana for 100Php and ate our Filipino style lunch. After eating our lunch for 2 hours we decided to take lots of pictures.  After that, we decided to go home. We then wanted to take an uber but there was no globe signal or 3g in that area. So we took a tricycle to Montalban City Proper. We asked the driver to drop us off at the UV Express because we didn’t like to take the jeep all the way home. 

I enjoyed my quick escape here and realized that it’s really more fun in the Philippines. You don’t have to spend a lot for a vacation. You just have to do a lot of research, read blogs, ask a lot of people and just say yes to life.  

Travel Tips:
1. If you are the more adventurous type, you can do a 1 hour hike from Wawa Dam to Mount Pamintinan.
2.  You can also drive to here but parking is not advisable.
3. You should leave the area at around 2pm to 3pm.
4. Swimming is inadvisable since there are myths about this river that they are getting people from the river. It’s also hard to find decent restrooms to change.

Day 1
Wawa Dam Daytrip  Itinerary and Budget
Cost per Head
Buy Food at Andok’s Chicken, Liempo and Rice(300/2 pax)

Leave Quezon City Take an Uber to Wawa Dam from
Dona Carmen Subdivision QC
 (P178/2pax) Split Fare

Arrive Wawa Dam

Rent a Cabana (P100/2pax)
Enjoy the view

Leave Wawa Dam

Take A tricycle to Montalban City Proper
Tell The Driver to Drop you off at the UV Express Station that is near Caltex (P60/2Pax)

Arrive at the UV Express that will go directly to Manila
Arrive Manila

Total Cost per Person

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