Monday, August 3, 2015

Why traveling in 3’s is the best in your 20’s

Make sure these groups of 3 are single. It’s hard being a 3rd wheel to a couple because when the couple fights in your trip, it might get ruined and all of your plans might just go to waste.  Traveling in a group of 3 persons will be the perfect mix. I have been traveling with my friends for almost 10 years now and I have shared a lot of adventures with them. I have tried traveling alone, traveling with just a person, and groups of 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20.  I will enumerate and explain to you why I have realized that traveling in a group of 3 would be the best way.
Traveling alone can be quite fun and exciting because you will get to discover new things about yourself. You will get to decide on your own on whatever you want to do. Eat what you want and go to the places you want to discover and meet a lot of people. But this can be quite scary and dangerous for solo female travelers. It can also be expensive because you cannot split the bill to anyone.  It’s also hard to ask a person to get a decent picture of you. That’s why traveling with your friends is way much more fun than traveling alone.
Traveling with just a person can be sometimes boring because it’s just the two you. You will only split the bill by 2.  But if you are in a relationship, with your travel partner, then this might bring you closer to each other.
Traveling in groups of 4 can also be a hassle.  Your group might divide into two sub groups and might just ruin the whole trip because originals plans most probably might not be followed, especially if the 2 subgroups have different priorities in your travels.
Traveling in groups of 5, 10 or more can be very exhausting and also tiring. There are so many minds thinking of where to eat, where to go and what to do. That some of you might just explode and will just fight with each other. All of you have different goals and it’s sometimes better if your group will just separate into smaller groups. Or else none of your plans will be pushed through.
Traveling in 3’s is the best way to travel in your 20’s. The best reason is that you will spend less on your travel. The 3 of you can split the hotel bill. The three of you can fit in your deluxe room without being that crowded. You can also split the taxi bill together. You can also fit into a tricycle or even a tuktuk. At least few minds will just think. It’s also nice to share the burden of making decision with your closest friends. Another advantage is that when you lose one friend at a bar, you still have one more with you and you get to look for your friend together.  It will also be easier for you to make new friends along the way while traveling because people will not be awkward to approach a group of 3 . If you are too many you will just stay inside your comfort zone and not make new friends at all.  
Finding the perfect travel buddies are hard to do. Sometimes you have to have the same interests with person and also the same budget.   You also have to not be afraid of taking risks along the way so you can have an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a couple, or even a big group, the important thing is to be open, to be game and to be spontaneous. Remember the best experience happens when you least expect it. 

Travel Tips.
1. Choose the people you travel with. Whether your best friends, close friends, officemates or even relatives. It's very important to choose them wisely because traveling can bring you closer to each other or break your friendship.
2. Have a budget. Money can be a problem. So your friends should decide on how much money you will spend for the trip.  It’s hassle if some of your friends want to spend more than what you can afford or miss out on trying the good stuff because one of your friends wants to travel on a tight budget.
3. it’s also advisable to create a travel fund for the day. For example each of you will give 30 USD per person and hand this one out to your responsible and organized friend. Then this fund will be spent on your daily transportations and food.
4. Be spontaneous
5. Pick a leader or a decision maker. A type of person who is fair and would listen to each complains of every person in the group.
5. Make new friends while traveling

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